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my army is almost complete (apart from the fleet) and im gonna christen it the 1st Tau Special operations Cadre cuz i painted it specops Black & White but i need contributions for background fluff

Fleet Command
-2 Manta Ray Missile Destroyers (Fist of Tau and Interceptor)
-12 Barracuda Air Superiority Fighters
-4 Orca Dropships
-Kor'O Vash'ya Fad'ras I'mar

Ground Command

-Aun'O Tau Shio'ras
-Shas'O Tau Mont'yr Ar'va Kais
-Shas'el Tau Isha Shav'rina
-Shas'el Tau Kas'yr

-72 Firewarriors
-15 XV-15 Stealth Suits
-3 experimental black XV-8X Crisis Suits (removable weapons variant)
-3 Sniper Drone Packages
-16 gun drones
-4 marker drones
-6 shield drones

-3 experimental Shadow Ray Tanks (Rapid removable Turret Variant)
-3 Devilfish
-1 XV-88CV Broadside suit

-12 Vespid Stingwings

After recent skirmishes and harassment by Space marines, Orks and Tyranids on Tau frontier septs, the Ethereals of Tau decided to create a rapid reaction cadre known as T'au Ayr'shi Sha'vra, copying the example of the vaunted Daemonhunters of the Imperium. This cadre was to undertake missions and strikes that would be regarded suicidal by other commanders and as such is led by one of T'au's greatest, the legendary Shas'O Kais.
O'Kais is a veteran of over 8 decades of war and like other Shas'la, began life as a firewarrior. During his first trial by fire, he saved his commander's life from a Blood Angel marine by plunging his dead Shas'ui's bonding knife though the Marine's head. This and among other various acts of courage (the boarding of the Black Templar Strike Cruiser, Hammer of the Emperor III, singlehandedly taking down the Cadian 775th command platoon on Cassus V, the infiltration and sabotage of the Eldar Corvette, the Tears of Eldamar) he was promoted to Shas'O, his first command was leading an infiltration force into Kronus's Tyrean Wastes in an XV-15 suit with his long time friends, Shav'rina and Kas'yr, not only did he allow the other O'kais's forces to breach the Eldar Ulthwe strike force's defences, his team killed the Ork nob Garzak whose death caused half the Ork reinforcements in to the zone to retreat for fear of assassination from the "Black Greyskins".
After Kronus O'Kais decided to retire from active service. This retirement was short lived however, the Ethereals soon recalled him in to active service partly because he was the only Fire caste commander, other than O'Shovah, with any real experience with small scale special operations but mostly because most other experienced Shas'O were abroad with Shaserra, thus the T'au Ayr'shi Sha'vra was born. With O'Ar'va Kais leading them to victory.

this cadre emphasises resourcefulness, independence and stealth to achieve it's objectives. Since the troops are often outnumbered and cut off from T'au support, Hit and Runs and assassinations are preferable over Mont'ka strikes or Kauyon Ambushes.
This Doctrine favours stealth units such as XV-15s (XV-25 are too big and heavy) and sniper Drone teams and hence, the lack of Crisis suits is evident because XV-8s simply lack stealth and independence
The Firewarriors are trained to be self dependent (i.e they ALWAYS take EMP grenades for AT instead of relying on Broadsides or The Cadre's ShadowRays) and undertake missions to aid their XV-15 cousins
Due to the Limited numbers of troops, Marksmanship is a requirement and each and every trooper is the equivalent of the sharpshooters in other cadres while this cadre's sniper teams can rival even the Gue'la Vindicare Assassins
Due to his history, O'Kais takes upon himself to undertake the most dangerous missions, hence he always takes to the field in his special XV8X Stealth Crisis suit outfitted with close encounter weapons such as Fusion blasters and Cyclic ion Blasters
El'Kasyr prefers to take lots of long range firepower on his crisis suit and usually supports O'kais on his missions (his name means "Commander Firestorm")
El'Shav'rina although her high rank allows her to wear one of the rare XV-8X suits, she still prefers to lead her stealth brothers in her own heavily modified XV-15 suit (Her name Means Commander Silence")

Recruitment and Training
Due to the demanding nature of the missions this cadre undertakes the recruitment requirement have to be much stricter to filter out the physically or mentally weak because once this cadre is behind enemy lines, your comrades are only support you've got

-examinations required before training
-Expert Marksman assesxment (prerequisite for XV-88CV pilot or Sniper Drone controller)
-Physical assessment
-Mental will assessment
-Earth Caste technology Qualification assessment

-All Shas'la and Shas'ui who wish to enter this cadre must have at least 3 terran years experience plus must have completed first Trial by fire

-Aspiring stealth pilots must be Shas'ui with 3 terran years EXP and have Level 2 Earth caste qualification in battlesuit maintance and passed the Physical & Mental assessments with a level 2 distinction

-Aspiring Broadside pilots must have 6 terran years EXP with Crisis and Broadside armour (this cadre uses the rare XV-88CV rather than the more common variant), have Level 4 qualification in battlesuit maintanence and possess the Expert marksman award Level 2

-XV-8x suits are only available to Shas'el and Shas'Os

-Shadow Ray Tank pilots must be Shas'ui, passed Expert Marksman Award level 4, have 4 terran years EXP with Hammerhead and Skyrays, passed level 4 Earth Caste technology Qualification

-Recruits who have met these requirements enter as Shas'La, only through battlefield acts of courage and resilence can one gain rank unlike the time requirement of other cadres.

-Unlike other cadres the Aircaste ships are completely intergrated, O'Kais leads the ground assault while Kor'O Vash'ya Fad'ras I'mar supports Kais's strike force, unsually, the barracudas in this cadre are under the direct command of O'Kais, El'Shavrina or El'Kas'yr

Awards Available
-Blue Stripe on leg or arm plate-signifies rank (1 stripe means Shas'ui and so on)
-Red Stripe on Leg or Arm plate-signifies this soldier has seen at least one of the cadre's dangerous missions-multiple stripes means this soldier is a war hero
-Orange Stripe-highest honour, can only be bestowed by the Ethereal Himself, signifies wearer is a hero of the tau Empire and is the heir to Shas'O Kais's command of this illustrious cadre-hence there can only be one bearer, so far none have yet earned it

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I like this a lot Das Boogie Man. A nice attention to detail with the naming of characters and the awards systems.

A little editing required for typos etc, ie; "Expert Marksman assesxment (prerequisite for XV-88CV pilot or Sniper Drone controller) "
I'm happy to do that for you if you like.

As always is there any pictures to be had of this lot?

And and I cannot resist this guys name, Kor'O Vash'ya Fad'ras I'mar .
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