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tau army with 2 different colour schemes

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hey, i think this should go here... if not it can be moved

i was wondering if it would be possible to do 2 colour scheme's in the one tau army? Would this be ok within a tournament? or would they just tell me to go away?

the idea for this came from WD (AUS) 327 [when the Dark Angels space marines came out with a new coex]

The reason for this is 'cause i like the different colours that I've done.

Mont'yr xxx
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If you were to go to a tournament and they told you to go away because they don't like how your models are painted, they're a bunch of pricks. They really can't say anything if the army's painted, after all... or shouldn't, at any rate. Around here, your army doesn't have to be painted to play in the tournaments... you just don't get a painting score, and the painting score counts a fair bit more than most people think it should. As someone who holds himself to the standard of not fielding unpainted models, however, I think counting painting and sportsmanship together as much as winning the actual game is just fine.
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