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I recently found a Tau Army (sort of) in a closet and since no one seems to want to stake claim to them i decided to poke about the internet and see how much they are worth and/or if anyone would be interested in buying them.

Army includes:

Tau Codex
20 Fire warriors
17 Kroot Carnivores
8 Gun Drones

There was also 5 Crises Battlesuits and 3 Gun drones but they didnt seem to fare as well in the box (Broken off bases, parts broken off), but all the parts broken off are still in the box. Some are already painted but almost all have a black undercoating. Its a little roughed up army but i think with some lovin's this army has potential.

So would anyone know how much this would be worth and/or anyone interested.

EMAIL: [email protected]
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