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It was Russia v France in the 2009 ETC. They don't allow Special Characters at all so he couldn't use Khan and yes, the French lad asked him 2 or 3 times if he was putting everything into reserve before he deployed.

This year, it was Norn Iron v Poland I think. There was a Polish merc playing for the Nordies and he was facing an Eldar army that had 2 huge Jetlock units that did the same thing. That poor lad, he had a bad weekend. He ended up falling through a table in one of his other games...

It's not all of the sportsmanship score though, of course, and the idea of sportsmanship does vary from country to country and from meta to meta of course, so you might disagree on that count, but from my perspective, denying even the possibility of a game is not a good example of sportsmanship.
No it isn't. If you're not good enough to avoid this you shouldn't be a gimp and dick someone who is clearly better than you. Thank God we don't use Sports over here.
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