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Tank Shock / Ram Question

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If you want to Ram that Landraider 11 inches away with your Deff Rolla rigged Battlewagon and there is a unit of space marines on foot in your way can you tank shock through the marines and ram the Landeraider on the same turn?

Basically your conducting a Ram (by special tank shock) and getting there by tank shocking another unit...

Is this a correct analysis?

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On a side question that has relevanc ehere.
I get confused with tank shocking(I have Aspergues syndrom so i struggle with the more unused rules) and i was wonder how exactly it works.
I know that if you tank shock you have to pass a Ld test and if you fail you run away. Simple enoguth. I know that if you pass you can "Deaht or Glory" whihc is fine but i was wondering what was the point other than trying to deatroy the thing. so my question is. If i pass my Ld test but don't want to "Death or Glory" what happens?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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