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A praising thread!

Lol. Like the author and his ambition. My one gripe about the author is how he views the Heresy. Keep in mind, I think he has actually done great things with that mentality, however, I'm not sure if it will keep the series in check.

If you listen to some of his youtube videos and at times him posting and conversation with his fans, he describes the Heresy as a war in which the traitors lose and even seems to state that its a losing war. As such, he writes his novels in a way where the traitors are losing the war even before they reach Terra. In my mind, I believe its a bit premature for the authors to show this in the novels. Ever since Istvaan, there has been much disappointment in the way that the traitor legions have been displayed. They have been displayed as self destructive and incompetent.

This is certainly one way to create the fate of the traitors. However, it seems farfetched that these traitor legions would have been such failures and then successfully reach Terra and defeat the Palace's defenses.

I do not envy any writer or writers in that matter who have to write the success of the traitors in these battles to come. Because now, you have to show the traitors being successful and accomplishing major tasks in what should look like the traitors have all but defeated the Imperium.

The series will be an absolute failure if the reader doesn't almost believe the traitors will win the war.
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