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Tales of the Eighth Legion


The Eighth Legion, The Night Lords, The Sons of the Sunless world are one of twenty legions created by the Emperor for his Great Crusade to reunite the rest of humanity and find his twenty lost sons. Upon the sunless world of Nostramo the Eighth Legion were reunited with their Primarch Konrad Curze also known as The Night Haunter who upon taking control of his legion he taught them his ways of using fear as a weapon to bring about order and compliance.

As the Great Crusade wore on and the Night Lords began to slowly receive replacement Marines from Nostramo (which had meantime fallen back to its pre-Night Haunter ways), the criminal element of Nostraman society, including murderers and rapists, began to fill the ranks. This, in addition to Curze's probable insanity, initiated a downward spiral for the Legion.

After the events of Cheraut where the Night Haunters insanity came to the for and he almost killed his brother Primarch Rogal Dorn the Night Lords fled along with their Primarch back to Nostramo where they then destroyed their homeworld to sever their ties with the rest of the Imperium and becoming a fully rogue legion but before anything could be done about the Night Lords rebellion the Horus Heresy broke in the Isstvan system.

Despite having gone rogue, the Night Lords were one of the seven Legions dispatched to destroy the gathered Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard, and Emperor's Children at the Isstvan system. Upon Isstvan V, the Night Lords, alongside the Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, and the Alpha Legion, turned on the loyalist Legions who had arrived earlier and took part in the Dropsite Massacre decimating the Raven Guard, Iron Hands, and the Salamanders.

And this is where our tale begins, Upon Isstvan V during the Dropsite Massacre we follow the Eighth Legions Fourth Company led by Xandrek also known as the Lord of Lies as they slaughter their once brothers before making their way with the rest of the legion to the Siege of Terra, The Scattering at Tsagualsa and into the unknown times after the Horus Heresy.

1) No God Modding
2) Respect your fellow role-players.
3) I want a minimum of 1 paragraph (10 sentences) for each post.
4) Roleplay battles will last a minimum of 2 updates when you fight one vs one or large enemies (such as dreadnoughts)
5) Follow the Character sheet exactly.
6) Post atleast once per update.
7) Have Fun and warn me if you can’t post.
8) Stay IC.

Notes: Im currently looking for between five and ten players to become Fourth Companies First Claw / Xandrek’s Command squad, all specialist positions will be first come first serve so you won’t be able to reserve them, if you want them get a character up sheet as soon as you can. Any questions then feel free to PM me or message me on skype: [email protected]

Updates: Updates will be done every two weeks on a Sunday though if everyone posts before the deadline then the update can be done earlier.

Character Creation:

Name: What is the name of your Character? No Titles unless given by me after your character creation.

Age: How old is your character? Remember that recruits for the Astartes are taken in around 12-16 years of age and the Great Crusade has been going on for around 200 years before the Horus Heresy and that Konrad Curze was found roughly a third to half the way through the Great Crusade (going off of Shadows of Treachery and the Night Lord Trilogy). Terran Night Lords will be a lot older than Nostraman Night Lords whose age will be capped at 160 years old.

Homeworld: Which planet do you call your world of birth before joining the Eighth Legion: Terra or Nostramo?

Physical Appearance: What does your character look like? Is he tall for an Astartes? Short? Slim? Well muscled? Remember that all night lords have pure black eyes and corpse white skin, Im looking for atleast one decent length paragraph here for your appearance. A decent length paragraph is roughly between 7-9 full lines.

Armour Appearance: Night Lord Armour is highly decorated by the marine that wears it with images of death and fear and can include anything from painted on lightning, skulls attached with chains, human skin cloaks along with many other things. You may wear any mark of armour from Mark II ‘Crusade Era’ armour to Mark V ‘Heresy’ armour or a mix of any armour from MK II to MK V. I want to see atleast the same amount of description in your armors appearance as your Physical appearance if not more.

Personality: What is your personality like? Are you calm and collected? A blood crazed lunatic? I do not want to see any ‘silent’ types in the roleplay but remember there will be a lot of difference between Terran and Nostraman Marines in terms of their personality as Nostraman marines are generally criminals, Once again looking for atleast a decent length paragraph.

Marine Class: All begin as Legion Veteran, you may choose to ‘upgrade’ into one of the following which are limited to 1 each and first come first serve: Legion Apocathery, Legion Tech-Marine, Legion Librarian, Legion Company Standard Bearer, Legion Company Champion, Legion Chaplain. Each specialist class has its own unique equipment listed in the equipment section.

Background: What life did you have before joining the Legion? What kind of family did you come from? If you lived on Nostramo what kind of crimes did you commit? What was your initial training like when you became a Space Marine? Did you follow a specific path in the Legion? How did you become a member of Xandrek’s First Claw / Command Squad? This is pretty much open in terms of what you write here by remember to follow the fluff of your legion and homeworld. I would like to see atleast three paragraphs of a good length here for your background which is to include as much of the above as you can. Remember more is better when it comes to character creation.

Weapons: All Marines have three open weapon slots with which they may fill: Pistol, Close Combat Weapon and Ranged Weapon, you may select one of each from the lists below to fill out your weapon options, Certain ‘classes’ will automatically have certain weapons and will not be able to change them for example a Librarian will automatically have a Force Weapon. You may feel free to describe what your weapon looks like and is called in this section aswell.

- Bolt Pistol
- Plasma Pistol
- Hand Flamer
- Infernus / Melta Pistol
- Volkite Serpenta
- May Exchange Pistol for an Extra Close Combat Weapon
- May Exchange Pistol for a Combat / Boarding Shield
‘Light’ Ranged Weapon:
- Bolter
- Combi-Bolter (Flamer, Plasma, Melta, Storm/Dual Bolter)
- Volkite Charger
- Flamer
- Melta Gun
- Plasma Gun
- Sniper Rifle
- Company Standard (Standard Bearer Only, Replaces ‘Light’ Weapon)

‘Heavy’ Ranged Weapon (Takes up Light Ranged and Pistol Option):
- Heavy Flamer (Legion Veteran Only)
- Auto-Cannon (Legion Veteran Only)
- Missile Launcher (Legion Veteran Only)
- Multi-Melta (Legion Veteran Only)
- Plasma Cannon (Legion Veteran Only)
- Volkite Calverin (Legion Veteran Only)
- Las-Cannon (Legion Veteran Only)

Close Combat Weapon:
- Chainsword
- Heavy Chainsword (Takes up Close Combat Weapon and Pistol Option)
- Chain Axe
- Heavy Chain Axe (Takes up Close Combat Weapon and Pistol Option)
- Power Weapon (This may take any form such as a Sword, Axe, Mace etc.)
- Heavy Power Sword or Axe (Tales up Close Combat Weapon and Pistol Option)
- Single Lightning Claw
- Single Power or Chain Fist
- Single Thunderhammer
- Pair of Lightning Claws (Takes up Close Combat Weapon and ‘Light’ Option)
- Force Weapon (Any Form – Librarian Only, Automatic Weapon)
- Crozius Arcanum ( Chaplain Only, Automatic Weapon)

Equipment: You have three slots in which you can take a piece of equipment and each piece uses up 1 slot unless stated.
- Frag and Krak Grenades
- Melta-Bombs
- Bionics (One slot per bionic limb)
- Nuncio-Vox
- Weapon Scopes (Light Weapon Only)
- Special Ammunition (Bolt Pistol, Bolter and Combi-Bolter Only. Contact me for choices.)

- Servo-Arm (Techmarine Only, Automatic Equipment)
- Servo-Harness (Techmarine Only, replaces Servo-Arm and uses up an extra slot.)
- Narthacirum (Apocathery Only, Automatic Equipment)
- Psychic Hood (Librarian Only, Automatic Equipment)

Positions Open/Taken:
1: Azrael Metun - Legion Company Champion - Santaire
2: Jaekal Sarn - Legion Company Chaplain - Therizza
3: Veptus Szlan - Legion Company Apocathery - Dues Mortis
4: Corvis Sejanus - Legion Veteran - Nightlord92
5: Zhasal Pasirex - Legion Veteran - Jason_Kharo
6: Jallus - Legion Company Librarian - Revlio44
7: Raskreia Loyard - Legion Company Standard Bearer - High_Seraph
8: Fundae Ignescunt - Legion Company Veteran - Son of Asurmen
9: Var - Legion Company Techmarine - Romero's Own

Reaper of Souls
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Name: Azrael Metun

Age: 197

Homeworld: Terra

Physical Appearance: Tall for an Astartes, standing at seven and a half foot tall, but wiry for one as well with the pure black eyes and corpse white skin of his legion. His cheekbones and jaw are pronounced, though his face is gaunt. His eyes are sunken though intense. His hair is black and close cropped; his face clean shaven. He is scarred, a smattering of white lines on his chest that are the scars of a swordsman whose mistakes have been minor and infrequent. He moves with a grace that his appearance belies, but it is the grace of the wolf stalking its prey and in no way conceals his lethality nor his knowledge of it. Where most of his scars are small and simple, down the right side of his chest is nothing but scar tissue where he took an ork chieftain axe blow.

Armour Appearance: He is envied by many for he is one of the few marines to possess a complete suit of Mark 4 Maximus Power Armour. Azrael uses his left vambrace to keep a tally of his kills and although he only lists those he has slain while fighting one-on-one the vambrace is almost completely covered in marks. Above his armour he wears a black cloak, scorning the practice of wearing human skin despite the fear it inspires. His left shoulder guard is carved to resemble bone, as is his chest plate. His helmet’s eye slit glass is black and his helmet is the same colour, but beyond all that his armour is relatively subdued in terms of terror provoking imagery.

Personality: Calm and precise, almost clinical. To Azrael, the most important thing when in combat is the sword in his hands and he uses it as a surgeon uses a scalpel. He is arrogant and confident of his skill with his sword and he has every right to be, for he is the finest swordsman in the company; indeed if he was not Xandrek would not have chosen him to be champion. Though outside of combat he is as calm and precise as a Techmarine, when fighting he frequently lets the battle frenzy rule him. He moves faster, reacts to threats quicker and does not stop till every foe lies dead at his feet. Though Terran, he has embraced the ideals of his Primarch and the idea of the terror warfare for he never believed in the ideas of the other Primarchs, that normal men would stay faithful to the Imperium without being pressured into doing so. He is not completely disgusted by his more sadistic brethren, but he is rather contemptuous of their practices.

Marine Class: Veteran - Company Champion

Background: Recruited at the age of fifteen for the Night Lords, Azrael was the son of a renowned swordsman, a duellist who taught him to fight with Charnabal Sabres, those blades that are used by the Blademasters of Terra and of many other worlds and the young boy was good. Good enough to be recruited for the Night Lords. He went through the training and was given full Astartes status within twelve years. He fit in well with the legion before Kurze, for the tactics of the lightning assault suited his skill with the blade for it frequently brought him into close quarters with his foe. But there was always something missing from Azrael’s soul, something that left him incomplete.

When his legion finally found their Primarch, found the Night Haunter in Nostramo’s dark caverns Azrael realised what had been missing for so many years. A sense of belonging. With Konrad Kurze, he found it.

The terror tactics of the Night Haunter were adopted by the legion and embraced by Azrael for though he was Terran and had been raised in a place of order he understood the importance of fear and the need to provoke it to keep the Imperium whole in the dark times where men let their baser urges cause chaos to the Imperium. He adopted Nostromo as his home, forgetting the last of his memories of Terra. All he kept of the place of his birth were his lessons in the blade.

When Xandrek was made captain of the fourth company, after a Murder Duel with the previous captain. Azrael had disliked the man for his jealousy of Azrael’s swordsmanship and experience, the captain being a Nostramon and had been a murderer before joining the Legion. Xandrek however grew to like the proud swordsman, and after Azrael’s ribs were shattered and his sword snapped into three pieces in Xandrek’s defence as the marine pushed his captain out of the way and took an ork chain-axe to the chest for his efforts, proceeding to gut the ork with his broken sword before collapsing. Xandrek had him healed and made him not only a member of the First Claw but also his Company Champion.

He went through many campaigns at Xandrek’s side, proving himself many times over.

Then came the razing of Nostramo. It caused Azrael such pain to see his adopted Homeworld burning but he could not imagine the pain of the man who had become his bond brother, Xandrek. But he never said a word, knowing Xandrek would curse him if he did. When Horus spoke to Kurze, and Kurze spoke to his legion Azrael followed his captain. To war...

Power Sword -

The blade is made of adamantium in conjunction with Plasteel and Ceramite, is single edged and designed so that it can be wielded with either one or both hands. The blade is well over a metre long and Azrael carries it like it’s a part of him.

Special Ammunition
Frag and Krak Grenades
Melta Bombs

As discussed Revan

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Name: Jaekal Sarn

Age: 145

Homeworld: Nostramo

Physical Appearance: Jaekal Sarn stands seven feet unarmoured, and is nearly as broad as he is tall. He is heavily muscled, even by Astartes standards. His jaw is wide set, with a full beard and shaved scalp. Bionics have replaced part of his neck, mechanical cables intertwined with his natural musculature, the result of a chainsword attack. His black eyes are nearly unidentifiable beneath his furrowed brow.

Armour Appearance: Jaekal's Mk III power armour has been modified with larger, spiked pauldrons emblazoned on the left with the image of a winged skull and on the right with passages from the Litany of Hate. His helmet has been covered in a mosaic of human bone, with pieces continually replaced with new ones claimed in combat. Around his neck he wears a chain adorned with three heads in varying degrees of decay and his power pack has fetishes of plaited scalps, fingers and jawbones. His shinguards are adorned with a lightning motif and his kneecaps are covered in bone-white skulls.

Personality: Jaekal could be viewed as fanatical, even psychotic, in battle. This is in stark contrast with his demeanor out of battle, where he shepherds the flock with brutal eloquence in his exhortations of instilling terror in the maelstrom of combat. Embracing some of the more macabre elements of the Night Lords, Jaekal tries to exemplify the aspects of pain and death.

Marine Class: Veteran- Chaplain

Background: Jaekal's came from a long line of foundry workers, though he never took up the trade. Exceedingly large for his age, Jaekal found his predisposition for violence was a valued asset in certain circles. Working as a low-level enforcer for a drug cartel, Jaekel learned from an early age that strength demanded respect, and that fear was a powerful tool. Eventually though, Jaekal was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for his crimes of murder and extortion.

In prison, Jaekal continued to fight as a footsoldier for his gang. After beating several cellmates to death, Jaekal was put in solitary confinement to await execution. His fighting prowess and physical stature had not gone unnoticed, as his execution was stayed and he was sequestered to undergo trials to become a member of the Night Lords. Jaekal's body adapted well to the genetic engineering and the physical and mental tests and eventually became a fully fledged Astartes of the Night Lords.

As a Space Marine of the Night Lords, Jaekal began to deify death. His fanaticism fit well with the terror tactics of the legion, as he could look into the eyes of his enemies as he sundered their bodies, offering their souls to the abyss of darkness. Jaekal relished close combat, sundering transports with his meltagun before leaping inside to dispatch those inside with sadistic glee. He slowly adopted the visage of death incarnate in both homage to the ultimate destination and for the primal fear it instilled in his enemies.

Leading countless assaults from the front, Jaekal was eventually bestowed the honor of Veteran status on the Company Command Squad. With it came a new understanding of his role in the galaxy, as arbiter and angel of death. Following the death of the company chaplain in combat, Jaekal took the rites and following the indoctrination donned the mantle as new Chaplain. When Xandrek rose to captain, it was a glad day for Jaekal, as the new captain was a stalwart angel of death and skilled leader. His predecessor had been wanting in Jaekal's judgment, too prone to human vices and not a true commander in his eyes.

When Nostramo was burnt, Jaekal felt nothing. His understanding of the galaxy had changed during his time in the Night Lords, and he understood that everything eventually had to die, even his homeworld. With Nostramo gone, nothing remained that tied Jaekal to his beginnings as a human gutter rat. All that remained was war, and given the orders of his Legion and his captain, they would be knee deep in the dead soon enough.

Weapons: Plasma Pistol, Melta Gun, Crozius Arcanum

Equipment: Frag and Krak Grenades, Melta-bombs, Weapon Scope

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Santiare and Therizza are approved, welcome to the roleplay.

Therizza you have double posted though so you might need to remove the second character sheet xD. Also having the Mark of Chaos Undivided amongst the Night Lord Legion before the failure of the Siege of Terra is not something you want to do as you will be hated by your battle brothers for worshipping chaos in anyway when its a tool but other then that all good.

Eight positions still open, Company Chaplain and Champion have been taken.

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ill be working on either an apothecary or a techmarine once my homework project is done. looking forward t this.

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Name: Corpse-Master Veptus Szlan

Age: 156

Homeworld: Nostramo

Physical Appearance: Veptus’ appearance is one of a madman. His eyes are gleam with the light of glee and madness. His mouth is almost always open in a partial smile. His oak brown hair is shaved close to his head and is patchy in places and in lines where Veptus has sustained scars and so hair no longer grows there. His left ear looks like a bite was taken out of it long ago, as the wound has since healed but the flesh has not returned. He has a goatee as well. He stands a respectable 7’3” without his armour on, although he has less muscle than would generally be observed on an Astartes of any legion. The last two digits on his right hand have been replaced with bionics which Veptus had styles in the appearance of human bones. Indeed, he often grinds the bones of his foes and uses the dust to give them an authentic colour. His white skin is pulled tight over his muscles and bones.

Armour Appearance: Veptus favours the newer Mark V armour to any other and so requested an entire set of it. Some has been taken from the fallen and some has been made, but Veptus has been fortunate to acquire it all. His helmet has a skull with elongated canines painted on with wings which fold back close to the helmet crafted on. These are the colour of dried blood and have short chains of eyes hanging from them. These are obviously perishable and even though Vaptus keeps them preserved out of battle, he often has to acquire new ones. A full human rib-cage is splayed across his chest and his left shoulder-guard bears the legion’s insignia and his right bears the double helix of his office. Painted lightning runs down his arms. The blood red wings of the legion are painted on his thighs. They meet at his knees which have a skull mounted on each. The jaw moves with each step meaning that when stalking a foe they can hear the sound of death coming for them. It is possible for him to move silently, as sometimes this is necessary, but Veptus enjoys the ability to taunt his enemy without speaking. Half a spine is mounted to each shin. Veptus also has a cloak made of the flayed faces of his victims. What is remarkable about this is that Veptus will only add the faces he had flayed from living victims to the cloak.

Personality: In stark contrast to his appearance, Veptus is everything that anyone would desire in an Apothecary. He is thoughtful and methodical, although his takes a cruel glee his work on his brothers as much as on his enemies. He has fully embraced the teachings of their Primarch and believes that much of humanity is unworthy and must be forced into submission through fear. But, such a perspective is not uncommon for one who still remembers the days when he would be told to watch for the Night Haunter. Another product of that is that Veptus is far less inclined to insubordination and far more ready and willing to follow orders. He is able to keep his head under the most dire of situations, which is also a useful trait for an apothecary to possess.

Marine Class: Apothecary

Background: One of the earliest memories Veptus has is of his mother tucking him into bed while his father was assisting the gang which was prominent in their area. She told him to be careful when he walked the streets, for the greatest dangers were not the gangs or the enforcers, but Night Haunter. Back then that phrase meant nothing to Veptus other than certain death for all those who had done wrong. Not a few years ago had great ships come bearing a being whose light had burnt the eyes of the inhabitants of such a sunless world as Nostramo. The Overlord had left with them and they had been recruiting boys about 9 years older than Veptus was at the time.

Veptus watched as Nostramo devolved back to its pre-Night Haunter ways. Gang warfare went from underground affairs to public ones. Crime rose exponentially and people forgot the message of fear that Veptus had been taught as a child. Veptus was swept up in the plans and affairs of the gangs, particularly the one his father was employed by. It was here that Veptus first met Xandrek, although he would not learn the significance of the man until later. Xandrek was the son of the Gang Overlord whom his father served. Both sons had a habit of accompanying their fathers to work in order to assist. Veptus served as little more than a skivvy for his father, cleaning and collecting the necessary equipment. Several time the Overlord would personally visit Veptus's father to check the status of a injured, high-ranking gang member whom he was tending to or to be given information 'obtained' which Veptus's father did not trust a courier with. It was through these meeting that Veptus first me Xandrek, although to call them friends would be a gross exaggeration.

He took after his father as a one of the gang’s medics, although in truth his position was two-fold. He also doubled as one of the gang’s torturers. In his position, he extracted information and made deserters suffer for their betrayal. He took great pleasure in his work and made it into an art-form. He also had his fair share experience on the battlefield and learnt to handle firearms and became able bodied enough that when the trails to become a member or the Eighth occurred that his reasonable prowess combined with his near encyclopaedic knowledge of anatomy meant he was able to defeat any foe which he faced and so became a member of the Night Lords.

Fate brought Xandrek and Veptus together again. Since Xandrek was only two years older than himself, Veptus and Xandrek ended up in the same recruiting pool. They served together on several missions as scouts for the Night Lords and quickly got acquainted, far better than back on Nostramo. Although it was clear to both where the other was heading. Xandrek ambition was blindingly clear to Veptus. His father had wielded power and Veptus knew that Xandrek was determined to do the same. Likewise, it was clear to Xandrek that Veptus first passion was torture and flesh-smithing. Although both competent Astartes, after they became full battle brothers and they started to walk their various paths, neither made a special effort to keep contact with one another, save when their paths happened to cross.

Once a member of the Night Haunter’s legion, Veptus was thrilled. He found a legion of men who had not forgotten what terror and subjugating populaces into obedience meant. He had found a collection of like-minded agents of terror. However, the satisfaction he felt from holding surgical tools and dissecting people to cause maximum pain and suffering. He spent large portions of time in the Apothecium, just to be around the smell of blood and to marvel at un-pulped organs. Much of his knowledge of human anatomy meant he was not just an irritating pair of watching eyes. However, he required training to be able to work with trans-human anatomy. But Veptus’s prior knowledge plus is natural affinity for it meant that the existing Apothecaries of the Night Lords were happy to provide such training.

Veptus became an Apothecary attached to the Fourth Company and had many successes with them. His skill with the blade was profound and he was able to save many Night Lords from receiving “The Emperor’s Grace”. He was largely indifferent as to who lead them, as long as he got to do what he loved. When Xandrek challenged the previous captain to a Murder Duel, Veptus was too engrossed in his art to even come and watch his old acquaintance best his previous captain. It wasn't until Xandrek accompanied the body of the slain Captain down to the Apocatherion and requested that Veptus personally do the autopsy of the fallen Night Lord, something Veptus took great pleasure in doing. Xandrek ordered the captain’s gene-seed destroyed as an act of contempt and Veptus had happily obliged. It was good to see that his old acquaintance had finally obtained the authority he had coveted back when they had been in training together.

When Xandrek’s personal champion took and axe-blow to the chest, it had been Veptus who had restored him to health, and many other members of the First Claw. Such proficiency, and their previous relationship, gained Veptus recognition by his Captain to the extent that Xandrek made him an official attachment to the First Claw. Since then many of the battlefield wound which the First Claw have had repaired bear the mark of Veptus. He has even healed Xandrek several times.

The title of Corpse-Master was given to Veptus by Xandrek after the events of Ghurst Prime. It was a agri-world brought into compliance by the White Scars some eighty years ago, but had recently with-held their tithes to the Imperium. The Night Lords had other battles to fight, but Konrad Curze charged the Fourth Company with bringing this world. Xandrek was anxious to get back to their Primarch and so wished to resolve it quickly. Upon landing on the planet Xandrek mobilized the majority of his forces to surround the palace where the highest echelons of the rebels were held with their families. However, at night Xandrek sent his First Claw on various objectives.The others were missions involving sabotage and assassination of military commanders. Veptus' was an open ended one to simply inspire terror into the civilians, particularly the rebellious governor.

The others achieved their objectives within a few hours, but Veptus did not return. He did not answer vox hails and his signal went dark. Some feared the worst. However, when the sun rose, the armies were arranged along the ledge. Xandrek was surprised to see that the men would fight them after such a night. However, as the Fourth Company went to go to war, the entrance opened. The inside of the doors were lined with the bodies of the families of the highest members of the rebel society. Their children had been flayed of all their skin, their wives ripped open from the groin. Even their servants were pinned, splayed, lacerated and flayed. The remarkable thing was, none of them were dead. The doors emitted a wall of sound in tune to the low moan of all the victims. Vaptus stood in the doorway with the governor and advisers at his sides. He paraded them out. His voice called out over an amplified vox "People of Ghurst, what is your answer?" As one, the men on the walls turned their guns on the rebel leaders and killed them and then threw down their weapons. In a single night, Veptus' skill at torture had made these men walk willingly to their deaths and combined with his brothers other works had lead the world back to compliance. Xandrek forbade anyone from taking down the bodies of Veptus' victims from the walls as a reminder to the next governors of what would happen if they rebelled. As for Veptus, Xandrek gave him the title of Corpse-Master.

After Cheraut, when the Night Lords had burned Nostramo, Veptus watched as the world burned. He stood on the bridge and watched the planet’s mantle split asunder. His primary thought was not one of remorse or sadness, but that he wished that he could have watched the light go out in each individual’s eyes, as the kill was always more satisfying that way. After that, once again it was straight back to work in the Apothecium.

Weapons: Volkite Serpenta, Sniper Rifle, Power Sword

Equipment: Frag and Krak Grenades, Weapons Scope, Narthacirum, Flaying Knife

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Veptus Szlan - Dues Mortis is approved. Very nice character sheet.

Apocathery, Champion and Chaplain positions are now taken.

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Name: Corvis Sejanus "Young Blood"

Age: 80

Physical Appearance: Like all Nostramans Corvis's eyes are pitch black from the lack of sun. Without his power armor on Corvis is a modest 7' tall without armor on. Corvis' skin is almost translucent from the absolute darkness of his homeworld. Owing to his criminal past, Corvis' body is swarmed by tattoos: the more faded ones from gang allegiances, Nostraman sayings, and more personal reasons from his old life and newer ones markings of special kills or particularly terrifying styles after becoming a Night Lord. These markings cover his body up to his neck and down to his elbows, leaving only his face and forearms free of the ink. If not for the blessing of being taken in by the Night Haunter, Corvis would have probably remained a scrawny ganger in the streets and alleys of Nostramo. Most likely because of this destitute background, Corvis' body is more lithe than muscular, his body consuming every ounce of protein he could consume in his training to be an astartes

Armor Appearance: After receiving the gene-seed of his Primarch, Corvis walked through the Armory of his Legion, picking through the bits and pieces of old armor suits that were salvaged from the dead Night Lords before him. As such he was able to threaten and steal his way to finding an almost complete suit of MK. III Power Armor, only the helmet being a MK. II piece. After taking his prized armor suit, Corvis made it his own by spending hours shaping it to his own needs: adding spikes to his left shoulder pauldron and painting a demon's grin from his worst nightmares onto his helmet while also adding a screaming bleached skull onto his shin segment of his right leg armor piece.

Personality: Corvis is a product of his own environment, and as such is a sociopath. Growing up around killers and thieves, Corvis has no intention of seeking the bond of brotherhood that so many other Legion's share. In fact you could probably find an Iron Warrior with more friends than Corvis. It isn't from being anti-social however, Corvis just always remembers using the sharp tongue his mother gave him to cause more trouble for himself. Corvis knew from childhood that if one was to survive and rise to another sunless day on Nostramo, they had to be willing not just to kill, but to fight dirty and gut the fool who thought themselves better at what they do than he. There is only one individual that both terrifies and inspires him: Konrad Kurze. While the Emperor may have lifted Kurze from Nostramo, Corvis knew that it was the Night Haunter who lifted Nostramo from itself, and paved the way for Corvis to ascend to his post-human status. As such, it is the Night Haunter who keeps Corvis a Night Lord, and gives him his reasons for killing.

Marine Class: Legion Veteran.

History: Nostramo. That bleak world standing still in the galaxy, seeming to suck in whatever light would touch it. It is there that Corvis' tale began. Growing up with his father, a ganger from a lowly street crew, and mother, a cheap dive bar server, Corvis grew up knowing mostly hunger for food, greed for more in his life, and fear of the Night Haunter who would steal you away in the night and leave your faceless corpse strung up on a streetlight. When Corvis was merely 8 years old his father was shot dead in a running fight with another gang who wanted another street to call their own. It was at this time in his life that Corvis knew his childhood was over. In an effort to provide for his family, Corvis began turning to crime to help his mother feed herself and him. Stealing from shopkeepers, passers-by, and the occasional wealthy ganger when he passed, it wasn't until he was 10 years old that Corvis first killed a man. Even today Corvis can close his eyes and smile at the image of the bleeding fool who tried blasting his head off with a shotgun laying dead in a pool of his own blood.

For three years Corvis lived the same empty life generations of Nostramans had lived before him: shaking down those who were travelling by themselves with a gang of fellow youths and sometimes mugging the money collectors for the big crime bosses, although they were becoming fewer and fewer as the Night Haunter's work became more and more obvious as the years passed. It wasn't until the Emperor of Man, bedecked in such golden light that most could not even attempt to look at him, came to Nostramo and lifted his son to the stars. Several months later word spread like wildfire through the streets: the Night Haunter needed the young sons of Nostramo to fill the ranks of his Night Lords. Like hundreds of boys like him Corvis lept at the chance to become a Night Lord. However, unlike the hundreds before him who were, Corvis was not found wanting despite his scrawny and famished frame. For months upon months Corvis trained his body and mind to reflect that of his Primogenitor. The grueling exercises threatened to overwhelm him on more than one occasion, but the mental mindset Konrad Kurze was instilling in his legion already had a foothold in Corvis' mind. By the time he was gifted with the gene-seed of his legion when he was 15, Corvis was truly a Night Lord of the Imperium of Man.

It wasn't long before Corvis realized how truly effective the Night Lords were at their style of war. Let the Luna Wolves fritter away at surgical strikes, let the Iron Warriors beat themselves to death in sieges, and let those posh dandy Emperor's Children try and perfect the ultimate style of charging up a hill they desire. Konrad Kurze knew the true way to win a war: Fear. An enemy who is too afraid to pick up the gun will not strike at you. An enemy who sees his leaders strung up screaming and wailing is a demoralized enemy. The Night Lords knew this and Corvis Sejanus knew this. It was his willingness to not only inflict this pain and terror but to use it to the best possible end that attracted the attention of Xandrek. Facing a rebellious Imperial Army faction on the world they were on, Corvis' squad and he used the cover of the night to sneak up to what they thought was a simple refueling station for the dissidents. As it turned out an entire regiment had stopped there for the night before they were to push on in the morning for the Imperial lines. Howling blood curdling cries, Corvis and his fellow Night Lords crashed straight into the camp and began opening fire. As more and more traitorous scum appeared, one by one Corvis saw or heard his squadmates dying. It was only until he and one other brother marine were all that were left when the enemy finally broke ranks and scattered to the wind. Wading through the carnage, Corvis was surprised and gleeful when he stumbled onto a mewling officer who begged for mercy. With his fellow Night Lord calling in for an evac rhino or dropship, Corvis used careful precision and gave the traitor enough terrifying images that he divulged the whereabouts of the major supply depots and the location of the traitorous Colonel and his cabinet. Finished with his captive, Corvis split the wretch's belly open nailed his palms to gates of the depot for any of survivors to see.

By the time he was done an Imperial dropship landed with a whole score of Night Lords arriving to continue on and press the advantage. As he watched his fellow squadmate being carried onto the dropship, Corvis felt no sympathy for the fool for letting humans nearly get the best of him. Lost in thought, Corvis almost missed a Night Lord with an aura of fear surrounding him approach. Introducing himself as Xandrek of Fourth Company, Corvis almost laughed when he commented on how little of his squad remained standing. After relaying to him the story of what happened at the depot, Xandrek appeared to swallow and think. Finally, looking straight into Corvis' eyes and smiling with a murderous grin, Xandrek offered Corvis a place in his Claw.

Following his recruitment into the 4th company's first claw, Corvis noticed that most of the other marines serving Xandrek were far older than he. In fact, there was hardly a member of the claw that hadn't been fighting for decades longer than he had been born. This manifested itself in the early duels between himself and the Night Lord's he faced in the pitch blackness of the training deck, in particular Xandrek's Champion Azrael. Almost a full century older than Corvis, Azrael never wasted time showing how much the young Night Lord still had left to learn of swordsmanship. In one particular duel overseen by Xandrek himself, Corvis finally felt himself feel like he had the upper hand against Azrael. Pushing his luck, Corvis was blind to the pivot the cursed shade performed as he brought his blade screaming downwards into nothing but air. Within the next moment Corvis felt the cold steel of the ship on his back as he crashed like a fallen tree, blood seeping from the wound in his leg where the Champion sliced deep. Cursing and stumbling to his feet Corvis watched the Champions swagger as he calmly cleaned what blood remained on his sword before sheathing it and turning to Xandrek. Whispering just low enough to not be heard, Corvis could only guess at what they were discussing, although both his ego and paranoia told him that it was about him. Finally noticing that Corvis still stood before them, Xandrek let out a light chuckle as if at some joke Corvis was not invited to know about before addressing the young Night Lord directly and ordering him to get his leg taken care of by Veptus. However, it was not with his name Xandrek had ordered him. Young Blood. That is what Xandrek called him. Young Blood. As he left for the apothecarium, the pain in his leg a dull ache as his body fought against the blood loss of the severe cut, Corvis rolled the name over in his head. True, he was definitely the youngest member of First Claw, but that was no reason to mock him. Walking into the apothecarium, Corvis simply allowed the Apothecary to tend to his wound before he dismissed the title. What did it matter, eventually he would earn himself a title that truly befitted himself and new generations of Nostramans would be the young blood's of the Legion. Fate, as it would have it, can be quite fickle though.

When Kurze brought the Legion back to the homeworld to give it his final message, Corvis watched along with the rest of the Legion as Kurze condemned the planet to death. Corvis knew this was no madness, being from one of the last waves of Night Lords that Kurze didn't distrust, he remembered the stories about the planet's slip back into anarchy, crime, and ignorance of the Night Haunter's message. Nostramo didn't just need a reminder, Corvis told himself, but the entire Imperium did, especially the Emperor. It was strange to him at the time but looking out the viewports of the Battle Barge as it hurled fiery destruction onto Nostramo, as it's tectonic plates gave way under the intense bombardment of the Night Lord's fleet and imploded, Corvis couldn't have cared for the fact that his family was most certainly dead or that his people and culture were annihilated. All that he could think about was his title. Young Blood. Indeed, with the homeworld gone and the Night Lord's set on the path of war, Corvis realized that he would be the youngest blood the 4th company would see for a long time. With a macabre smile, Corvis chuckled as he left his world to burn in the void.

Weapons: Plasma Pistol, Bolter, Single Lightning Claw

Equipment: Frag/Krak Grenades, Nuncio-Vox, Plasma Pistol Scope.

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Nightlord92 - Corvis Sejanus approved. Welcome aboard.

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Letting people know that this recruitment thread is still open. Needing atleast 1 more player before the roleplay can start.

Marine classes that are still open are:

Company Veterans
Legion Company Tech-Marine
Legion Company Librarian
Legion Company Standard Bearer

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Cant promise anything for now, need to get a laptop to my military base first, but, as always, I am interested ^^

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I really want this thing to get under way. It looks so promising :)

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Just waiting on High_Seraph and Relio44 to get their characters up then we will be on our way. So hopefully we will be starting end of this week / weekend.

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Here it is

Jallus is a 89 year old librarian of the Night Lords First Claw.

At first glance Jallus Drakken may seem like any other marine. But a few things stand him out from rest like his elegant midnight black eyes. He has silky, straight, iron-gray hair which is worn in a style that reminds you of a flowing cape. He has stubble around his pale vampire like skin, above that is a scar that runs through the middle of his eye, although he retains full vision as it is undamaged. Without his power armour he stands six foot and nine inches tall. He has a bulky yet muscularly build. His left hand has burn damage from a long healed wound.

History: Jallus was recruited on Nostramo with the arrival of the Emperor and the expansion of the Night Lords. He was always marked as different by his peers before he even became a Night lord. Perhaps they detected his latent warp powers. He was orphaned young and lived by his wits as a street urchin. Learning to steal food to survive, he became a tough and vicious brawler. At 16 he was picked up by Imperial troops after the Emperors landing as they tried to recruit new troops for the Great Crusade. After initial testing was earmarked for recruitment into the Night Lord Legion. During his time as an initiate it was picked up that he possessed psychic abilities. After his initiation he was sent to the Librarium for further training in the harsh world of the Librarians.

As with all librarians his training was tough, both physically and mentally. He was an exemplary student with his progress being marred by only a single incident. During a lesson of pyromancy training he lost control of the power he was using and suffered severe burns to his left hand. He chose not to have the scars fully healed and left them as a reminder of what can happen if control is lost. He has also had his armour scorched so he will never forget this lesson in battle. Even with this accident he still became a full librarian without any further issues.

After the Council of Nikaea, Jallus feigned compliance and never openly displayed his powers. He could not relinquish the powers he had gained and the Chief librarian, sympathetic to this need, turned a blind eye as long as he remained discreet.

After many successful campaigns Jallus skills as a leader were noted and he became an important advisor to any of the companies he accompanied in battle. This is wear he first came to the attention of the then Sergeant Xandrek. As his honours in hand to hand battle were won, so did Xandreks interest in Jallus grow,

Armour Appearance; Jallus like many psychics wear a psychic hood. He wears mostly mark II an shoulder pads from Mark III. Behind this Jallus wears a cloak with tiny skulls sown into the fabric. These represent death that always accompanies him. His power pack has two skulls in the shape of stabilising vents. Both shoulder pads have Night Lord wing emblems. The left gauntlet is scorched and reflects the scaring on his physical hand. His greaves, like the other marines are decorated with lightning.

Personality- Jallus is a smart and calculating tactician who can use his powers to his advantage to turn a forlorn situation into victory. His tactical skill is marred by his tendency to take big risks in battle. Decisions which sometimes cause the missions go awry.

Hand Flamer
Combi-Bolter Flamer
- Force Axe Librarian Only, Automatic Weapon)
- Psychic Hood (Librarian Only, Automatic Equipment)

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Looking good Revlio, however you need to decide what kind of form your force weapon takesL Sword, Staff or Axe. Xandrek is Captain of 4th Company not its sergeant unless you joined his squad back when he was a sergeant before becoming captain and therefor would of been in his command squad / first claw from the beginning.

Personality wise its good, though i would like to see if you could add a little bit more to it, so if you think you can make your personality and background a little longer along with the edit to decide on your type of force weapon then that will be great.

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Name: Zhasal Pasirex

Age: 156 Standard Terran

Homeworld: Nostramo

Physical Appearance: Stood next to his fellow Astartes with a simple black robe on, it would be obviously clear that Zhasal was much leaner than most others. His form was slimmer and toned, not naturally 'ripped' as many other Astartes were. He stood at about the same height as the average Marine. Under his helmet, his head was bald, his face seeming emaciated and gaunt, although he was ugly by no means. He rarely ever gave an indication of a facial expression, beyond that of a very slight smirk that appeared on even rarer occasions. It is of worth to remark upon the criss cross of very faint scars across his entire head, clearly they were so deep that even his Astarte's biology could not render them completely healed.

Armour Appearance: Firstly, the armour Zhasal wears is somewhat customised to fit his own body shape, being somewhat slimmer than the typical Marine, it would make sense to adapt his Power Armour to benefit the wearer. It is a set of very simply decorated Armour. Coloured in the Night Lord's blue, his armour wasn't so much adorned with skulls or such, more preferring to keep the sleek look he so much preferred. The armour is painstakingly maintained by Zhasal to keep it to maximum efficiency, lubricating and repairing it with a fanatical devotion. The majority of the time, a likewise non-decorated jump pack crests his back.

Personality: Although not a maniacal killer, it is quite obvious from meeting the Night Lord, that he is a psychopath. He seems to relish in the bloodshed, although it never shows upon his blank features. He never so much shows joy at approaching battles, yet he is a killer all the same and would dive into a fight without so much as a brisk order. Out of combat, he isn't loud, yet he usually isn't silent. He knows only to speak when his input is needed, and for a psychopath, he seems to have a detailed idea of how conversations work, when not to talk and when to. So in short, while in combat, he could be classed as grim, cold and extremely logical, whereas out of battle, he knows his place and watches when his input is needed.

Marine Class: Legion Veteran

Background: Coming from one of the original waves of recruits from Nostramo, Zhasal lived under the rule of the Night Haunter. Recruited at age 15, he was relatively lucky to be inducted due to the risk of death emanating from his higher than usual age. Before going in for testing and recruitment, Zhasal had been relatively young when everything changed, yet he had already killed his first grown man at the age of 9. Sold to a slum gang as a somewhat hanger on, it was his 'job' to make sure all those whom died in gang wars, were actually dead. Having seen grown men clinging onto life while their guts mingled with the filth it detritus on the street had already hardened him immensely by the time he joined the Legion, and it is thought that it was his childhood which shaped him into such a jaded figure.

Although the Legion was never truly reliant on such concepts as 'brotherhood', they were organised into squads, but Zhasal had never worked with others, usually going on his duty of giving mercy alone. This influenced his training immensely, as it was rare that Zhasal would fight in coherency with the rest of his unit, much preferring to slip away into the shadows and deal with his query in his own, particularly horrific way. Each kill was systematic, as is butchering people was simply the way of life he had learned to live by. He did not kill people for kicks, but he was more like a machine, although he was far more creative about getting to the killing. During his many years as a Night Lord, it was somewhat usual for older Marines to rise to Sergeant rankings or above, but Zhasal had no care for ranks as others had. He had no drive to have more power than others, for what did a simple title do that a pair of lightning talons could not?

Never truly part of a squad, his superiors knew his nature and knew it was better to embrace his talents than force him to do something else of which he was less efficient at. As per usual, in about 90% of battles, Zhasal merely disappeared at the beginning, then reappeared when needed, or simply found his way back to his brothers at the battles end. His superiors would give him orders and he would not come back until the objective was complete. Nobody asked how he done such, but they were satisfied the task was done. He somewhat, inadvertently and unaccepting of such a reputation, had gained such of a lone wolf. His sergeants and captains would not try to change him, for they knew such a task would be rather time wasting and pointless. Although, it could be argued that his 'loner' type façade somewhat melted when he met Captain Xandrek. Something, just something very small, clicked within Zhasal when the Fourth Captain 'randomly discovered' him in a forward observation bunker, surrounded by half a dozen Eldar Banshee corpses, each bodies throat or vital points were sliced or punctured. All wounds were obviously fatal and had inflicted a near instant death.

The Captain gave a short explanation into why he was asking the Night Lord to be in his Command Squad, and it had been an 'honour' that Zhasal had refused times before, but something just seemed to push him into nodding his gore splattered helm. It is thought that Zhasal found somewhat a kindred spirit within Xandrek, mostly evidence by the fact that he follows his superior's orders exactly to the latter, regardless of if he disagrees or not.

Weapons: Pair of Lightning Talons.
Frag and Krak grenades.

Question: Would it be appropriate for him to use a jump pack?

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Jumps packs will be mission / scenario equipment if they are required, such as the siege of Terra and maybe Tsagulsua aswell along with what happens to forth company after the Heresy, but for Isstvan you will be on foot with the rest of the command squad.

Also a very nice character, though im wondering why Xandrek's command squad all seem to be very thin astartes, are you lot not eating properly? Zhasal is approved, I will update the first page tomorrow.
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