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It's January... the days are cold, the nights are colder but here at Heresy Online why not grab a warm beverage and sit down to read our battle reports.

Up that's right (no surprise really considering what section this thread is in) the monthly battles have started... and what a start it was.

1500 pts.
Dark Angels (Rubystylez) v's Disciples of Caliban (Hodgepodge)

Dark Angels:
3x Ravenwing Bikes
1x 5 Man Combat Squad
1x 5 Man Assault Squad
1x 5 Man Terminator Squad
Land Raider (LR)
Land Raider Redeemer (LRR)

Disciples of Caliban:
Company Master
2x 5 Man Tactical Squads
3x Venerable Dreadnoughts
3x Annihilator Predators
3x Land Speeders

Game Type: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Hodge wins the roll and chooses to deploy first. No surprises here, the Disciples deploy in a thin line maximising their line of sight opportunities. All they need to do is just sit tight and use their vast array of heavy weaponry to pound their foe into submission. The Marines must have been an after thought as they find themselves ordered to hunker down in craters at the rear of the field.

Ruby's deployment finds the LR (transporting his Combat Squad) on the left, Sammael in the middle behind some trees and the LRR (Techmarine enclosed) on the right. The bikes, Terminators and Assault Squad, with Chaplain attached, are all left in reserve.

Turn 1:
To get things started, Hodge starts the game off with his Land Speeders closing in on the LRR, the Dreadnoughts trot forward possibly to improve their line of sight or just stretch their servo-assisted legs. 1x of the Land Speeders aim at the LR, the other 2x Land Speeders make the LRR their target, needing 6's to have any hope of causing damage it's no shock to Hodge when no 6's turn up. No loss, there's plenty more to shoot with. Next up are the Dreadnoughts, with their distinctive yet ancient forms bristling with weaponry they also target the LR and LRR, plenty of dice are rolled and plenty of low numbers are face up!! To cut a very short story, very short... Absolutely no damage is caused by the Disciples in the opening shots of this battle. :cray:
Having endured shells, beams, missiles, expletives and venomous curses, Ruby has the Raiders do what they do best... trundle forward in their near-invincible manner! Sammael bursts from cover into the open and sighting a Dreadnought, closes in for the kill (PP: Was there a hidden tactic going on here or just over zealousness?). The LRR fires at the Land Speeders causing a Crew Shaken result. Sammael fails to damage his targeted Dreadnought, whilst the LR gets it right and destroys the lone Land Speeder! :good:

Turn 2:
Hodge seems more than content to stay put, and the shooting phase quickly begins. The Land Speeder duo fail yet again to harm the LRR, a nearby Dreadnought has more success and causes a Crew Shaken result on the LRR. Sammael's glorious charge forward is noted by the 2x Dreadnoughts and between them send him and his 'rare as rocking horse poo' bike to oblivion! :so_happy: The Predators charge up their Las-weaponry and chalk up very few successes, only notable damage is the LRR has it's Multi-melta destroyed.
With the loss of Sammael :ireful2:Ruby can be heard muttering threats of selling him on ebay and not-so angelic, dark promises of revenge upon those Fallen of Caliban. Ruby's rage is dampened by the wail of alarm from a Predator's machine-spirit the DA Assault Squad teleport in and (having scattered dangerously close) materialise poised ready to ummmmm, errrrr... assault. The LR closes in on the nearby Dreadnought, the Techmarine attempts a repair on the LRR... but fails. The LRR continues it's duel with the Land Speeders, this time causing a Crew Shaken and Assault Cannon destroyed result. The LR unleashes hell at one of the Dreadnoughts... stubbornly the monolith is only left immobilised having had most of it's leg servo-mechanisms obliterated.

Turn 3:
The Tactical Marines in one of the craters spy the recent arrival of the now exposed Assault Marines, with a furious cry they erupt from their crater... bolters set to rapid fire. Under a hail of the Emperor's blessed munitions, 5x Marines are hit... 3x are killed having barely registered the direction of their assailants! :good: Hodge must have been ruffled by this tactic of teleporting, as 2x of the Dreadnoughts are ordered to expose their rear armour in order to target the Assault Marines. The remaining 2x Assault Marines have their centuries of battle experience unceremoniously terminated under a barrage of bullets and missiles, the Chaplain remains and will now have to go it alone. The Techmarine must've looked just too soft a target as the Land Speeders target and wound him... to all of our surprise... the Techmarine has 2x Wounds! :shok: A Predator avenges the damage done to a Dreadnought and rudely melts the LR right hand track, ensuring that ever-trundling behemoth stays still. The LRR amazing enough still survives yet another barrage of las-fire and suffers a Crew Shaken and has it's Assault Cannon left smoldering.
The bikes arrive in style, executing a true Ravenwing flanking manoeuvre on the right hand side of the battlefield close to 2x of the Predators... Sammael would've been proud... if he wasn't ermmmmm... dead! The Terminators finally make their appearance, thanks to the teleport homers they arrive so close to the Predators it raises the spectators eyebrows. The LRR shoots with what weapons it has left, and yup... causes yet another Crew Shaken result on the Land Speeders. The LR fails to further damage the hamstrung Dreadnought, but the Machine Spirit has other ideas as it kills a distant Tactical Marine. :good: The Chaplain decides that this gunfight of a battle needs something a little more... personal and promptly charges the Tactical Squad that killed his battle-brothers... hoping to claim the Chapter Master's scalp. The ensuing close combat sees some poor rolling from both sides, as the Chaplain crushes one of the Marines' cranium he's then in turn beaten to a sodden pulp and crushed under the ceramite-enclosed feet of the remaining Marines. :good:

Turn 4:
Hodge at this point doesn't appear to have had his battle plan interrupted and calmly motions in the shooting phase. The Techmarine has his service to the Omnimessiah (probably wrong) ended with the not-so gentle helping hand of an Assault Cannon. The LRR continues to soak up more firepower as it loses one of it's Flamestorm Cannons to a Dreadnought's accurate aim... the other 2x Dreadnoughts completely fluff their attacks on the LR. The sharp-shooting Predator from last turn destroys the LR and forces it's occupants to flee the wreckage. The newly arrived Terminators panic the Predators as two of them pivot round and discharge their las-cannons into the squad... 3x Terminators fall.:good: Having just had their taxi destroyed the luckless Combat Squad are then shot at by the Tactical Squad... Lady Luck decides to change things as not a single casualty is suffered.
The bikers have done their primary task so set off to claim a kill or two, the Tactical Squad seem the obvious target, but the joy of having Power Armour is revisited as 3x saves are made with ease. The LRR fails to damage the Land Speeders. With ruleboy Munky having explained the use of grenades... Ruby hatches a cunning and very Ruby-like plan of having his Combat Squad slap a krak grenade to the immobilised Dreadnought... (PP: strange, it seems that everyone wants this to work!?)... Ruby scores a hit, and destroys the Autocannon, he seems pleased. As expected, the Terminators get their chainfists whirring and proceed to carve open one of the Predators... they score 4x penetrating hits, one of which scores 20!!... Ultimately the Predator is destroyed and in style I might add.:so_happy:

Turn 5:
Hodge must have a certain grudging respect for the Terminators as he pulls his Land Speeders back and shoots at the Terminators, killing 1x of them.:good: A Dreadnought ends the brief but violent arrival of the Terminators as the squad is finally destroyed. The bikes are blamed for causing this unexpected tactic, in revenge an Annihilator Predator targets the bike squad... and rolls 3x 1's... the twin-linked turret re-rolls and gets... a 1!!!!! :shok: The look of disbelief and dismay on Hodge's face is something a camera was invented to snap! The only close combat to deal with is between the Dreadnought and Combat Squad... the Marines score a glancing hit but roll a 2 on the table!
With very little of the DA's army left, it's down to those remaining to try and salvage some hope of success. The LRR destroys a Land Speeder :good:... the bikes fail to wound the Tactical Squad and the close combat results in a draw.

Turn 6:
It's looking good for a Disciples win at this point, a Predator causes the LRR to suffer another Crew Shaken result (PP: Praise the Machine Spirit), the remaining Predator and Land Speeder destroy the bikes :good: whilst the Tactical Marines join the close quarters affray and kill 3x of those relentless DA's!
In true Ruby-like fashion, defeat cannot be an option so it's down to business again... the LRR ruins the Land Speeders' Assault Cannon but the final act of the game is for the Disciples of Caliban's Chapter Master to smite the last standing Combat Squad marine!

The battle ends as a resounding victory for Hodge and his Disciples... the result:

Disciples of Caliban 8 :victory: - :alcoholic: 2 Dark Angels

Hodge's battle highlight: Ruby's choice of army being roughly as expected!
Hodge's battle lowlight: Underestimating the bikes with their teleport homers!

Ruby's battle highlight: Terminators tearing open a Predator!
Ruby's battle lowlight: The loss of Sammael so early!

Well I hope you've enjoyed this battle report. As I'm still very new to writing these I will greatly welcome any comments, advice, feedback and even flames.

Will aim to take more pictures for the next battle. Which looks set to be this coming Thursday... Eldar v's Tyranids.

With thanks to:

Munky - for hosting and being the ever-questioned ruleboy!
Jax (Munky's lass) - for provision of more pizza than even I could eat.
Little Dave - for some of the funniest YouTube videos and jovial discussion of what makes a 'colossal rock video?'.
Nicola (PP's lass) - for playing taxi, even at 01:30!

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Digg40k... am sure if you was this way you'd be welcomed into the fold. Am glad you enjoyed the read. Thank you! :grin:

Munky... I have no intention of letting you get that close! :wink: Thanks for the positive comment, hopefully my Battle Report writing style will improve as the Four Gamers (UK) progresses.

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Very nice report, well written! Sounds like a lot of fun.

One thing that did strike me as wrong though was that the Terminators used the teleport homer on the Ravenwing bikes on the same turn they came on... as far as i'm aware, this is not allowed as the teleport homers have to be on the battlefield at the start of the turn when the deepstriking units come on... as the bikes were not on the board at the start of the turn and only came on after the turn had started...

Also, Dark Angels can't use a Reedemer? Sorry for the nitpicking...

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My notes weren't the best... but I think the bikes came in on Turn 2 I just didn't make a mention as I errmmm... ahhhhh.... may possibly have been having my pizza-fest at that point in the game!

I don't have a copy of the new SM Codex... but why couldn't DA's have a Redeemer? And please... don't apologise for 'nitpicking', as a gaming group we're still learning so pointers/corrections are welcomed.

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Ive finally got started on the battle reports!!! (YAY!)
its taking a lil bit longer than expected drawing the battle maps (forgot I aint got a mouse haha) using a touch pad with paint is a bit awkward. Anyway now the maps are almost complete i will be putting the pics and battle report together and it should be on here tom morning. Sorry bout the delay but work and a wife kinda slow me down..

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Finally the battle report is here :blush: sorry for the delay but think i might have attempted to much for my first report.
Anyway this week it was time for Munky's Nids to face PandaPaws eldar and here are the submitted army lists.


AVATAR = 150









WARRIORSx6 = 200
GUNFEX = 148
= 1500

Capture and control was the objective with both players choosing one objective in their deployment zone. Munky wins the roll and chooses to go second.
Munky chooses the middle crater at the bottom of the board and Panda chooses the door to the sanctum Imperialis. With both sides deployed

http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/DEPLOYMENT1.jpg

it was time for turn 1.


http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/SDC15156.jpg

http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/SDC15155.jpg

http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/MOVEMENT1.jpg

The Eldar farseer casts guide allowing rerolls on failed hits and passes his psychic test. The Exarch and the dark reapers lineup sight from behind their
cover blasting into the line of approaching Gaunts hitting with 11 shots and managing to wound 9, the unit of gaunts is cut down to 6. The falcon grav tank fires his pulse laser and star cannon down the hill killing a warrior. The second Grav tank manouveres itself and catches a glimpse of a Zoanthrope through the trees unleashing hell it manages to hit with a pulse laser leaving the zoanthrope with 1 wound. The 3 vypers by the chapel fire their bright lances at the Hive Tyrant but only manage to cause a wound on one of the hive guards. The 3 remaining vypers fire their bright lances at the Dakka Fex but cant wound it.
The Tyranids rally back desperate to get their teeth and claws into the Eldar. A Zoanthrope uses its warp blast to attack the vypers, the first blast stuns the crew of a vyper leaving it unable to shoot with the second blast destroying another vyper. The wounded Zoanthrope fires its warp blast through the trees at the Avatar but the zoanthrope fails his psychic test, with the air around it crackling with psychic energy the Zoanthrope fries his own brain and with a loud crack covers the surrounding area with bone and brain matter. The 3rd Zoanthrope also fires at the Avatar but fails to wound the living embodiment of war. the Gunfex fires his venom cannon at a grav tank leaving it unable to shoot, quickly following up with its barbed strangler which causes the Grav Tank to explode peppering the battlefield with advanced Eldar scrap metal.


http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/MOVEMENT2.jpg

The farseer casts doom and guide again and passes his psychic test. The Grav tank fires his pulse laser inflicting 2 wounds on the GunFex. The reapers and Exarch fire their reaper launchers at the remaining 6 gaunts wiping out the unit. The unit of 3 Vypers fire their bright lances at the DakkaFex but miss. The viper on the hill fires at the Zoanthrope causing a wound.
Munky rolls to bring on his 3 units of genestealers that he had been keeping in reserve but fails with all 3, this is followed by a Zoanthrope missing with his focus blast and the GunFex missing with his venom cannon. With the dice rolls going against Munky the DakkaFec manages to get a penetrating hit on the FGT destroying its pulse cannon. The DakkaFex fires his 2 twin linked devourers at the Avatar, the living ammo of the devourer manage to cause one wound on the Avatar. the 15 Borogaunts hiding on the other side of the trees fire their flesh borers at the Avatar and take another wound much to the suprise of Panda. The Hive Tyrant fires his twin linked devourers at the Avatar (Hmm pattern forming) leaving it with one wound. The Zoanthrope fires its focus blast at the at the Avatar but the Avatar makes his 4+ save.
The 4 warriors at the base of the hill attack the grav tank with only one glancing hit, which leaves the crew unable to shoot.


http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/MOVEMENT3.jpg

Doom is again cast by the Farseer and the psychic test passed. The Dark Reapers fire on the warriors at the top of the hill wiping out the entire unit. The Avatar then uses its melta cannon on the DakkaFex causing a wound, with backup from the Vypers but they fire high and wide. The other 2 vypers by the chapel fire on a Zoanthrope killing it immediatly. The Avatar then charged across the battlefield to assault the DakkaFex in close combat and hopefully crush the Tyranid monstrosity beneath its fiery feet.

http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/SDC15158.jpg

It causes 2 wounds on the DakkaFex but with 1 wound remaining the Dakka strikes back destroying the Avatar in a vicious frenzy of claws. The Avatars armour drops to the ground and the Remaining Eldar watch on in despair realising the terrible loss they have suffered.
Munky rolls for his Genestealers allowing 2 squads to come on, one to the right coming up in front of the Grav tank and one squad right up to the doors of Pandas objective. The Zoanthrope fires a focused warp blast destroying the Grav tank. The DakkaFex fires at the dark reaper squad still behind their
barricade but cant score any wounds, the GunFex manages to kill the Farseer with a Barbed strangler attack. The Hive Tyrant having moved up towards the Chapel with his guard fires at the two Vypers causing 1 glancing hit and 4 penetrating!! One Vyper explodes straight away with the second swerving to avoid the blast straight into the chapel ruins and erupting into a ball of flame. The unit of 15 gaunts then use their fleshborers to attack the remaining Vyper unit destroying a weapon off one and stunning the crew of the other leaving it unable to shoot. The Genestealers that came on by the Sanctum manage to scale the walls up onto the balcony to attack the dark reapers. One Genestealers is killed as they come over the wall but two reapers fall under the ferocious onslaught of the stealers. The Reapers pass their morale test and the two units are now locked in combat. The second squad of genestealers assault the reapers that abandoned the Grav tank and kill two of them but suffer one death to their own unit.


http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/MOVEMENT4.jpg

The last of the Vypers move towards the Tyrant letting loose with their bright lances and killing one of the tyrants guards and wounding the other. The reapers behind the barricade fire at the gunfex peppering it with shots but only causing one wound. The reapers on the right hand side lose two more reapers but manage to pass the morale test again. The Reapers on the balcony kill two stealers but also lose two reapers as well.
The third squad of stealers kept in reserve come on from the right and approach the last of the reapers. The Tyrant and his last guard fire at the Vypers destroying two with one of them exploding into shrapnel. The DakkaFex fires upon the reapers and leaves a pile of Eldar innards scorched across the battlefield destroying the four Dark Reapers. The Genestealers on the left kill the last of the reapers but the stealers on the right still cant take control of the balcony losing one stealer in the process. The Genestealers pass their morale check and the combat is still on.

Turn 5

http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj430/rubystylz/Nids vs Eldar/MOVEMENT5.jpg

The last Vyper by the chapel kills the Hive guard. The Exarch fires at the DakkaFex taking its last wound and bringing the monstrous Tyranid crashing to the floor. The Genestealers on the left kill the Exarch on the balcony causing the last dark Reaper to run but the Stealers catch up with him and tear him limb from limb, his screams of pain and terror echoing across the warp. The Genestealers claim the objective and the Tyranids are 2-0 up.
The Hive Tyrant destorys the last Vyper and the rest of the Tyranid army fail to kill the Exarch behind the barricade, leaving him as the last remaining
Eldar to return to his craftworld and pass on the tale of destruction to his Eldar brothers.


The Tyranids win 2-0 but leave one Eldar alive, narrowly missing out on a complete victory. The battlefield is then stripped of all genetic material and the Tyranids continue with their unstoppable march towards planetary domination.

Panda's highlight - Realising how good the Farseer is
Panda's Lowlight - Poor Vyper shooting for two rounds

Munky's Highlights - Tha DakkaFex was very effective
Munky's Lowlights - Leaving one man alive lol and poor rolling for the Genestealers assault

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wow, that pic in the 3rd turn where the Carnifex is fighting the wraithlord aka avatar is awesome, if blurry. it looks like the fex was going for a bit of lunch there. great re ports guy's nice job.

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Great read there Rubystylz! Good job! The maps are great... well worth the delay in posting this report.

Just to mention though - in Turn 3, the genestealers were charging Dire Avengers on both sides of the battle. Just before any mentions of 'just how many heavy support options did you have' ;)

Another highlight for me was the complete destruction of his Warriors in one salvo from the Dark Reapers.

Was an excellent game, and I learned quite a bit about using Eldar. All going well, I'll be playing against Rubystylz's DA tonight... /tremble
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