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Grey Knights

Hmmm, Grey knights are heaps of fun to play with. Have a look around and see what everyone else is playing in your local meta. If its all power gaming, Grey knights will have a hard time. If not you will have some loses and some victories.

For power gaming meta you need to use allies. Ones that compensate for Grey Knights short comings. For example imperial guard, lots of long range fire power and lots of bodies. Or sometimes different combinations with different SM chapters.

Grey Knights on their own have pretty much a 24inc shooting range. Its all about turn 1 assault now and trying to get into close combat with squishy units. Grey Knights have I believe the cheapest Terminators, so you can get more. Take these over Strike squads any day of the week if competitive is your name. Stay away from paladins 55 points for 2 wounds sucks. Lots of strength 8 ap2 will make you cry that you spent that many points on the model/s

Anyways just some suggestions for you to consider!
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