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taking over fortifications

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Is there any way to take over an occupied fortification other than destroying it? Can jump infantry or deep strike units deploy into an occupied fortification and destroy the occupying unit and then claim the fortification?
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So let's say a unit successfully deep strikes onto the battlement of an imperial bastion that has an enemy unit inside the bastion. Can the unit on the battlement get inside the building and assault the occupying enemy unit inside the bastion?

The updated building rules in stronghold assault describe the rules for battlements as follows:
“Battlements are treated as one large Access Point for their building, meaning that a unit inside can disembark onto the battlements, or embark from the battlements.”

It also states: "In many respects, these buildings function like any other unit in a player's army: the major difference is that they can be captured by the enemy, even swapping hands several times over the course of the battle."
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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