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OK, a group of us decided to try something a little different tonight and it went pretty well. SO I thought I would share it to both give other people a chance to try it and also to hopefully get some feedback to help us work out the kinks in the rules? Feedback is much welcomed. So without further ado, Take the Hill!

The board was set up rather long, with a central square area with a hill dominating the middle, and two rectangle area running each side. Size isnt as important, but we had a pretty long board and it worked out good.

Each team sets up in their rectangle area, and beyond staying on that board they had no limitation to where they could deploy forces. Otherwise no changes were made to force organization or such, and the only mandatory piece of terrain was a tower in the center of the hill. Stealth were normal as well except no stealth deployment in the tower, which provided a 3+ cover save.

Terrain wise we each set up terrain for our own sides, with the middle having basic setup of a wall running around a majority of the hill's perimeter. (With a few holes so that vehicles could fit through, but not anywhere they liked) A few artillery craters spread evenly around the hill to give it a feel of being fought over for a long time. The reletively open middle ground gave it all a nice feel of a 'No man zone'

Objective was simple. Have as many units on the hill at game's end. No radius from the tower, just as long as a unit had presence on the tower side of the walls on the hill. Regular troops scored 3 points, everything else was 1 point.

Additional rules were that you can only outflank on the main board, The opposite staging area was off limits. Though deepstriking was still legal anywhere after drift.

Annnd that was about it. Simple changes to the rules kept it easy to pick up for everyone with only minimal confusion once during the outflank rule. There was pretty constant carnage, and everyone enjoyed it alot. At the end of play (Only lasted the regular 5 rounds) The amount of units from each side was almost exactly the same, with one side winning due to more troop choices on the hill.
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