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Also remember the old system was rather flawed as well though (as in the previous edition).
A game could be won by the person who had turn 1. Eldar Jetbikes for instance could get linebreaker, you slay their warlord and get first blood all before your opponent moves. This could get you 3 VPs so an insurmountable lead in some games, even if just getting 2 of those. The only hope your opponent then had was to get the relic or whatever and hope you don't get the last VP to force a draw at best.

Yes tactical objectives can be annoying. A bit like in poker in Texas Holdem and you have a 10-K of clubs and using a 4-7-8 of clubs in the middle a flush and someone pulls out a straight flush.

It would be nice if the objectives were a little more suited to the armies they were in. Though TBH I expect with every book rereleased they will get some.

In my group we have elected to allow a reroll for any objective that isn't able to be complete (within reason). So for instance if you have no Psyker you cant be expected to pass a Psyker test. OR in a 500pts game the likely chance you could have 6 units so you could hold all objectives on 1 turn is unlikely. Or Witch Hunter vs Tau or Necrons.
TBH 56, 62, 63, 64, 65 & 66.
Stuff like 54 for Tau where you have to challenge enemies. Pretty much no Tau will want to be in Melee with anyone, though having to charge to sacrifice yourself and earn a VP or something.

One experiment we tried what seemed to work well, but I cant remember the details off exactly was giving people the option to buy random objectives.
So the idea in principle went that everyone started with a few VPs just for being their. If they wished to they could spend 1VP to get a randomly rolled objective. If they completed the objective they earned the normal VPs +1 or it might have been D3+1 or something, I know we worked it out.
The other option we toyed with was that by spending 1-2VPs you had more a selected list. We made up several lists we tried to theme to armies. Such as Warlord needing to kill someone in a challenge OR wipe out a unit if he couldn't challenge. Blow up 3 tanks or whatever. I don't have a copy of the charts we made up. But I guess an interesting topic would be to try to make up ojbectives for certain armies.
So faster armies like Cult of Speed or Ravenwing or Whitescars (mostly bike armies) would mostly get the gathering up objectives and line breakers. BUT could also have interesting ones like having to charge an enemy unit from 2 opposite sides (pincer movement).
Deathwing style armies that have a lot of deepstrike could have an objective to be able to delay a unit from dropping by deliberately choosing not to roll for reserve for it in exchange for points. This could represent a tactical advantage in seeing how the battle is playing out to lend assistance where needed next turn.
Melee based armies like Orcs and Chaos having the ones like challenges and wipe out units in melee. Multiple units charging the same target. You could have some random luck ones like Charge an enemy unit without taking any casualties from overwatch.

I'm still a fan of VPs for killing stuff though like back in 2nd and 3rd. Gaining 1VP for every 300pts killed or something might mean you shouldn't end up in a situation that is unwinnable in 1-2 turns. Or a person winning because they have 1 guy left but scored a load of VPs during the game, while the other army is 70% of its original size.
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