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I have a 3 way battle soon against a Space Marine player and an Orks player, now I had a lot of experience playing Marines when I was younger, but, now I'm older and coming back to the hobby I only have my Eldar models left and I have a rough idea of how to use them effectively but could do with a few tips to take into consideration when I take to the field

my army consists off
1 Autarch (SH wings, Banshee Mask, Reaper Launcher, Power Weapon)
1 Farseer (Singing Spear, both Runes)
2 Guardian Squads (10 men, Weapon Plaform)
1 Dire Avengers Squad (5 man, Exarch with pistol and dire sword)
1 Wave Serpent (Bright Lance)
1 Warp Spiders (5 man, Exarch with twin linked death spinner and power blades)
1 War Walker (Scatter Lasers)
1 Wraithlord (Bright Lance, Scatter Laser, flamers)

so basically in a nut shell what I am asking is this, if you had this army and knowing the 2 races you are facing, what would be your general game plan? I know its a broad question since I dont know my opponents units yet but thanks for any advice anyway
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