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Trying to get rid of a few things. rules are. You must trade/pay first and pay for shipping (unless big trade, can work something out), offer for what you want, i like chaos stuff, but cash works too. I have paypal. Live in US, Virginia.

Heres whats for sell:

12 Warriors of Chaos Regiment. (they are assembled and on a base, can be primed black if you want, for free)

13 High Elf Warriors (Assembled, on base, Can be primed black, for free)

5 Zombie Figures (White Primed, Not sure what type, will include 2 random zombie metal peices, 6 random peices, and 1 fully painted figure)

7 Orc Figures (Not sure names of them, 6 are the same, 1 is different. Not primed, no bases, picture on website)

4 Tyranid hormagaunts (primed)
4 Tyranid genestealers (primed)
6 Tyranid Posin mines (heads are painted red, rest primed)

2 Tau Drones (Primed, No intena)
1 Tau Landing Set (Primed, all 3 legs)

10 SM figures ( Odly painted, 2 with chainsaw, 1 with flamer thrower and no base, best to just reprime and repaint, will throw in 1 random figure i found)[I did not paint these]
2 Metal SM Figures (Not sure what guns they have, 1 is missing an arm, check pictures on website below)
3 Space Marines (All metal, one is armsless, one has 2 plastic guns, and the other has a flamer, partially painted.not by me)

1 Imperial Guard Battle Tank (Highly Converted) (SOLD)

1 Lightning Claw Terminator
1 Grey Knight
1 Warpspider
1 Terminator Captain
1 Renegade
1 world eater of khorne.
1 Warpspider exarch body
1 the red duke.
1 oop blood angel captain.
1 chaos renegade marine
1 swooping hawk 2.
1 angel chaplain.
1, 13 tomb Guardian from Warhammer Quest


1 Space Marine Bits Bag (includes jetpacks, arms, guns, and more)
1 Wood Elves Bits Bag (Includes legs, arms, bows, heads, flowers, and more)
1 Tau Bits Bag (Includes arms, legs, guns, heads, metal peices, vehicle parts, and more)
1 Zombie Bits Bag (Includes Arms,heads,torsos,legs, weapons, and more
[Can probuably make some full zombies])
1 Tyranid Bits Bag (Includes body,arms, and more[Can make 2+ full ones])
1 High Elf Bits Bag (Includes spears, sheilds, crests, heads, arms, and more!)
1 Imperial Guard Battle Tank Bits Bag

Extra Stuff
3 Tau Transfer Sheets
1 Space Marine Transfer Sheet (2 peices are cut out)
1 Space Marine Vehicle Transfer Sheet
1 Battle For Macragge Transfer Sheet (Only 37 peices, alot missing)
Also have abunch of empty sprues if any1 needs.


Email me , pm me, or post here if you see anything you like

Email: [email protected]

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Im painting the converted tank for contest. Feel free to buy it after. Thanks.
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