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anyone can perform a sweeping advance, unless they have a rule preventing it (models in Terminator armour being the most common). Note however, that if one model in the unit prevents you from doing it, the whole unit cannot do it. So if you have a character in termie armour in a unit of power armour marines they won't be able to do it.

Other than that, the way it works is, once combat is resolved, whoever loses takes a modified leadership test (based on the difference in wounds caused). If the test is passed the unit stays and close combat continues the next turn. If it's failed, each unit rolls a die and adds its initiative. If the winners of the combat get the same or higher, the unit is removed. If the losers get higher, they run away 2D6. the exception to this is the SM rule ATSKNF, which means if they were going to be sweeping advanced, they lock themselves in combat again and take wounds as if they were fearless (no retreat! rule)

hope that helps,

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