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Sweeping advance and WBB

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here is my question If you meet the requirements to roll WBB, can you roll for WBB if your squad got caught in a sweeping advance?
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thats so aggrivating. :sigh: ok thanks guys i also reread the sweeping advance rule when i got home and I agree and it pisses me off. anyway i am gonna go cry in my cherrios
Being a Necron player, you should be used to that....:p
well i have always wanted the " terminator style army" thats why i have them. but i have really only played a couple games with them. I traded a huge chunk of my Chaos Space Marines for them, and i am happy with them but they really do need to be updated, so ill wait and play my 1500 point World Eater army

This is often where new Necron players fall down. Sweeping Advance is so dangerous to Necrons, and needs to be taken into account at the list building stage.
yes that is true but there really is no way other than minimise your squads and hold them in reserve until you soften up your opponents army a bit with your characters (deciever comes to mind) and heavy choices
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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