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Sweeping advance and WBB

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here is my question If you meet the requirements to roll WBB, can you roll for WBB if your squad got caught in a sweeping advance?
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A unit that is swept is 'removed immediately. Unless otherwise specified, no save or other special rule can rescue the unit' - We'll Be Back doesn't specify otherwise, so it doesn't work.
Hit the nail on the head.
That rep note was also supposed to say "And because I love your avatar."
But doesn`t the codex supercede the rulebook? :read:
It does, it always does, but there is no contradiction there; it's the difference between Jaws of the World Wolf, and killing a model normally, you just remove the model, it's not actually taking a wound.
It doesn`t have to be wounded, any model reduced to W0 or would otherwise be removed as a casualty.

JotWW does allow WBB.
I'd like you to point out to me exactly where in the JotWW entry it states that the models are removed as casualties.

Also look at The Last Laugh ability, that states they are removed from the game as casualties; the FAQ states that such abilities can revive models affected by the ol' Stasis Bomb (somehow), but has no mention of JotWW.
JotWW does not allow revivey abilities.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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