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So I simply just want to use the shield bros formation, simply just because ha ha. I know it's a huge point sink for 1500 pts but that's the level we play at my club and I want to see what the formation can do
So I'm interested in people's opinions on the formation and if the rest of my list plays to the strengths using this 1 unit as the core of the army.
I don't know what army I will be playing against either which makes it a little more difficult
Anyway the list goes

Rune priest, hood, ML2, runic armour (to go with fangs)
Dred, assault cannon, great wolf claw with heavy Flamer, drop pod
Arjac, 5 WGT with SS/TH, land raider crusader, multi melta, extra armour ( formation)
5 grey hunters, melta gun, 5 chainswords, drop pod
5 grey hunters, melta gun, 5 chainswords, drop pod
5 grey hunters, melta gun, 5 chainswords, razorback-lazplaz
Long fangs, 4 missile launchers, razorback-lazplaz

We will be fighting on a 4x4 city board and I mean its rammed with buildings,
The idea is to drop pod the dred and 1 pack of grey hunters in to the enemy's deployment zone hearding the enemy into good arcs of fire for the long fangs which will be deployed in ruins for cover with elevated position for better line of sight, the rune priest is with the fangs but not attached compleatly in cover so when the fangs get targeted he can't take any wounds and using divination to buff the fangs (at least getting to re-roll to hit).
I went for the assault cannon instead of a ven axe dred so I can start shooting straight away and a claw and Flamer to do damage in close combat.
The grey hunters are the for objectives hopefully using the drop pods to secure objectives too, with razor back GH lack rushing where I need them. The long fangs razorback will simply move around getting into good firing postions (not sure weather to swap on lazplaz for a assault cannon)
Then using the shield bros to move in the crusader to the hardest targets before disembarking and smashing it to pieces

The list is ment to be in your face from the start trying to give the enemy to many threats to deal with and make a tactical mistake.
I know I'm in trouble with no anti air but you can't have it all

So what's the thoughts on this plan ?
Cheers guys
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