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From the creative genius who brought you Facepalming in M41, comes the next in a series of guides on managing your existence in the grim darkness of the far future.

Serpion5 is proud to present:

How to Surrender in M41

Basic Procedure: Generally, you want to show your enemy in some way that you no longer wish to fight. Between Generals, this can be done by higher methods of communication but on the battlefield for individuals it gets a bit trickier.

The most obvious method is to throw down your weapons and raise your hands, but this isn`t applicable to everyone. Race specific guidelines are outlined below.


As: Disarm yourself and raise your hands. Calling out your intent to surrender to your enemies is a wise plus, as some races have itchy trigger fingers.
Against: A white flag is generally seen by the human species as a mark of truce or surrender. Though seriously, it also works as an ambush tactic.


As: ...
Against: ...


As: Follow basic procedure. Stall for as long as possible until you can slip away. If you are a Farseer, choose a different path...
Against: Admit your inferiority and submit yourself to their mercy. Crying may help.


As: Throw down your visible weapons. Curse your captors at every oppurtunity until you escape or shiv them when they`re not looking.
Against: Load pistol. Aim at own head. Pull trigger...


As: Simple. Activate phase out. Problem solved.
Against: Become a willing servant of the star gods. Only applicable if you have the pariah gene.


As: "Ey? Wot`z dis den?"
Against: Pretend to be dead and hope that they`re not hungry.


As: Roll over and pretend to be a puppy.
Against: See "Dark Eldar" entry.


As: I`m sure you`re already experts by now. :biggrin:
Against: Join the tau empire. Or at leat pretend to.


As: See "Astartes" entry.
Against: See "Dark Eldar" entry.

In conclusion, surrender probably isn`t your best option...

Tune in next time when I explain the finer points of bragging.

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Lol! Pure genius!:laugh:
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