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so im working on a Ravenwing army right now
i had a Tau, sold it to my friend to get Dark Angels
and now im specifically Ravenwing

pointers would be appreciated
i kind of already have some strategies and other things to use my Ravenwing
but constructive criticism and helpful tips are always nice

especially since that same friend i sold my Tau to beats me a lot
and my other friend that uses Tyranids is just annoying
basically i havent had too much luck facing them
but they are good and know how to use their armies well

just needing some help figuring out some more about the Ravenwing and Space Marines in general

thanx for reading :mrgreen:

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Heya, Welcome aboard!

I love the concept of the Ravenwing. Seems that the army is a bit too specialized in some areas. It can put down a ton of firepower and has great speed, but too few models, so each loss really impacts the army pretty hard. Combat is something to fear with so few models, I imagine.

Please, DarKKKK, post up your list in the army list forum, and a pic or two of your work, if you have any. I'm sure we'd love to give you a hand in optimizing your Ravenwing.

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Hey mate

Welcome to Heresy. Its great to have you with us, especially since you play such a fluffy army. What points are you up too right now?
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