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So after along time of being unable to decide which chapter I wanted to do instead I thought I would do along awaited thought in my mind my favourite part of the inquisition ordo xenos. To start with I'm making a deathwatch army using the nilla dex with full 10 men tactical squad (I know it's incorrect fluff wise but tough lol) plus I want special weapons in my units. So here's a list of what I have so far to do:

Watch captain
Terminator squad with assault cannon
Assault terminator squad with lightning claws
Deathwatch Tactical squad with heavy bolter and plasma gun
Deathwatch tactical squad with flamer and heavy bolter
Pred annihilator
Pred destructor
Deathwatch storm talon

Photos will be in individual posts as I'm doing this on my phone.

First pic is dreadnought arm wip


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