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This list uses denied deployment to baffle the enemy. Huron and slaanesh lord are the outflankers. the noise marines units are the bait, the only two units on the field by turn 1
Cultists are with huron (first choice for infiltration)
Havocs are second choice for infiltration
Obliterators are third choice, else they deep strike
Slaaneshi lord outflanks with terminators and kick asses.
Bikers relieve the noise marines and act as counterattack unit. they are quick enough to put those meltas in use very fast. also, objective catchers.
Comm array guarantees that all my stuff arrives by turn two.


Slaanesh Lord
Steed of Slaanesh
Fist + Claw
Sigils of corruption


5 Noise marines

5 Noise marines


30 Cultists

Aegis + communication array


5 Bikers
2 meltaguns
1 combimelta

5 Terminators
3 combiplasma
champion w/ lightning claw
Heavy flamer
Icon of excess


5 Havocs
4 meltaguns

2 Obliterators
Veterans of the Long War

Any toughts?

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hi guys, thanks for the answers :)

Let's see: since i'm not using daemons allies, huron is a must. also, with daemon allies i would be swapping lots of guys for daemons...sacrificing lots of shooting and AP1. dunno.
huron and cultists are, in fact a big tarpit (with objective secured) for 280 pts. Also, you say MC can be a problem? they will hit the vast majority of MC's on 4 and wound them on 6. and they dish out, ont the charge, 120 attacks...they are able to put 2-3 unsaved wounds on any MC before Huron attacks. Also, they are fearless, so...unleass they are charged by three melee carnifexes, they are going to stay put in that melee for at least 3 turns. i am fine with that! using no daemons, what would you take in their place?
then, about the second claw on termi champion: that would be really costly...in fact i was thinking about taking a combi plasma, instead. more dakka...
all in all, its a super friendly list, yes :) csm just lack the toys to make a proper reserve assault!
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