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Just threw a list at my buddy out of nowhere because I forgot two Drop Pods and a Stormraven on my way to work this morning and didn't have time to get home for them before coming out to game. The mission was Big Guns Never Tire and the deployment was Vanguard, which really helped my ranged weapons shoot down table.

Librarian - ML2, JP

Priest - JP, PS

Furioso - FC, HF

10 man Assault squad - 2x MG, PF in a Drop Pod

10 man Assault squad - 2x F, 2x HF (Priest and Libby here)

5 man Scout squad - camo, sniper rifles

10 man Tactical squad - MM, F

5 man Devastator squad - 4x ML

Stormraven - TLLC, TLMM (Fragioso here)

Xenos Inquisitor - ML1, 3x Skulls, Liber (attaches to Tactical squad)

I played against my buddy's CSM army, which looked something like this:

Flying Daemon Prince - AoBF

5 man Warp Talon squad

5 man Chosen squad - 5x MG, Rhino

10 man Tactical squad - MG, Rhino

2x 5 man Tactical squads - 4x BP/CCW, MG both in Rhinos

20 man Cultist squad

2x Heldrake - AC


At the end of T5 I held 3 of the 5 objectives and he held one, and his First Blood and Linebreaker matched my Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker. He had one Heldrake, three Chosen trying to get up to my Tactical squad/Inquisitor holding an Objective at the top of a three level Ruin, and 19 Cultists and I'm pretty sure the entire 10 man Tactical squad with them on the one objective he was holding. I had my Librarian/Priest/7 Assault marines left, my Stormraven, Devastators, Scouts, and Inq/7 Tactical marines left. Had the game gone on, I'm pretty confident that I would have tabled him. As for how it went down- roughly, as I wasn't taking notes:

Turn 1

BA - Inq uses Liber to Scout forward- super fun. DP comes in, fails to blow up Vindicator and only does 2 HP and Crew Shaken/Stunned. Lame-o. Scout sergeant takes the head off the Cultist Champion with a Precision Shot, much rejoicing. 4 Krak Missiles take 2 HP off a Rhino, Crew Shaken/Stunned.

CSM - FMC ruins the MG assault squad, but since they had deployed into a crater they attacked first CAUSING TWO WOUNDS WITH KRAK GRENADES :yahoo: before getting entirely wiped off the table by that damn Axe of Blind Fury. Nothing else of note.

Turn 2

BA - SR and Assault squad come in from Reserve, SR melts that god damn FMC off the table with all it had. Literally maybe the 5th time I've ever killed the damn thing, and at the beginning of the game! Krak missiles wreck a Rhino in an attempt to ruin a squad with no room to disembark, but there was more room than I had hoped.

CSM - Heldrakes don't come in. Cultists take out a couple Tactical marines that had previously made their way up to the top of a three level Ruin. The two 5 man Tactical squads take out one of my Assault marines. Way to go boys, you Feel No Pain.

Turn 3

BA - SR backs up in Hover mode, Fragioso hops out at an advancing squad of 5 Chosen- MGs or no MGs. SR fails to pop Rhino, leaving the dreadnought to do it in CC (which left him exposed). SR's TLLC fails to pop Vindicator. Assault squad RUINS a 5 man tactical squad with fire: I'm talking 18 hits on 5 guys, causing 10 wounds. Before I even shot a Bolt Pistol. Suck it, those who think Hand Flamers are a joke. Krak missiles and Snipers shoot up table at the Warp Talons, killing 4 and they ran 12" off the table (vanguard deployment is my friend).

CSM - Heldrakes come in, VS an Assault marine and do a Crew Shaken result on my Furioso. Chosen finish off the poor unsupported dreadnought. 10 man Tactical squad and Cultists do another wound to my Tactical squad. Heldrake's AC does two Glances to my SR.

Turn 4

BA - Krak missiles ruin the last Rhino, Assault marines fail their damn charge range of 4" with a 3" roll. SR blows up a Heldrake.

CSM - Heldrake fails to down my SR, 5 man Tactical takes out two more Assault marines. Felt some pain that time.

Turn 5

BA - Assault squad takes care of the 5 man Tactical squad, again with fire over CC. SR finally blows up the Vindicator, taking a point for a Heavy Support kill.

CSM - My buddy looks at the table, looks at the two and a half Infantry units he has, looks at the 4 full/almost full squads I have and the SR that is just waiting to hover over to an Objective and forfeits without a dice rolled.

All told, he should have been WAY more aggressive with his Vindicator. It never fired a shot (partially because I stopped that from happening T1 and he hid it when the SR came on). I got WAY lucky with those two Krak grenade wounds on his FMC, but that's what you get for charging into a 9 man squad in cover I suppose. Vehicles are WAY more resilient in 7th, and I have to really really remember the Psychic Phase. I got a couple Molten Beams off with my Libby, but it didn't amount to shit. Really need to remember and play to that more.

Hope you enjoy, Heresy! :drinks:

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Nice win mate! I've still been playing with that old 1750 biomech thing I had going as I've been focusing on my hippy elves, but you're making me want to reconsider.
Thanks man! I really want to try my old Razorback lists out in 7th, I can't believe how many Krak friggin' missiles it took to wreck a Rhino. The dice weren't exactly on my side, but damn. I think I'm gunna start posting lists like this instead of posting things for people to critique as much (though thoughts are always welcome of course), feel like there's a lot more going on then just 'this is my list, does it suck?'. Losses and lessons learned shall also be posted, for the sake of science and all that. Now that I have a car I've been toying with the idea of going in to the local GW and seeing what's up, but I have my reservations about that place....at least I know on Mondays the dudes I can talk to without being force fed sales pitches work, so there's a safe day.
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