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Stuff of Nightmares?

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Whats the worst unit or single model that you can see opposing your army?
You know the one that scares you the most.

For me its my mates Medusa if you don't know the rules think of a Basilisk with a long range Demolisher Cannon with a short minimum range and indirect fire.

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I fear nothing, for there is nothing my Orks cannot handle. You bring infiltraitors, deep strikers or assault troops? Meet the fury of my choppas! You bring pie plates and indirect fire? Meet rokkit spam and tank hunters! You bring boatloads of troops? I likely have more range and mobility than you! You bring a night bringer? I have more str8-10 cc attacks than most terminator squads! There is nothing you can take, no strategy you can employ, no lucky fetish or die you can rely on that will save you from the Beast, the Green Tide, the WAAAAGGGHHHHH! I am the stuff of nightmares. :mrgreen:
Nice dakka... nice :lol:
And trust me i do fear orks! but i also want to play them to get a taste of what they're like i just cant find any ork players in my area :cry:
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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