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Stuff of Nightmares?

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Whats the worst unit or single model that you can see opposing your army?
You know the one that scares you the most.

For me its my mates Medusa if you don't know the rules think of a Basilisk with a long range Demolisher Cannon with a short minimum range and indirect fire.

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Stella Cadente said:
why is everyone so scared of the nightbringer? hes a pushover.

for me its genestealers, they get in combat its all over
That depends...I've nuked GS mobs, and I've had my hat handed to me by them. Depends on whether they are tuned up or not. Extended Carapace etc. You tune that mob of GS up and they are the death, otherwise, I'll hose them down with bolters and/ or chainswords.
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