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I have just bought the dark vengeance box and I am looking to expand the dark angels to 1000 pts to make it more playable.

HQ – Company Master – Relic Blade, Combi-plasma – 125 pts

HQ – Librarian – Mastery Level 2 – 90 pts

Elites – Deathwing – 5 Men, Chainfist, Assault Cannon – 225 pts

Troop – Tactical Squad – 10 men, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Veteran Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol – 195 pts

Troop – Scouts – 5 men, Camo Cloaks, 5 Sniper Rifles – 70 pts

Fast Attack – Ravenwing Bike Squad – 3 Men, Plasma Gun, Veteran Sergeant – 100 pts

Fast Attack – Razorback – Twin-linked Heavy Bolters – 55 pts

Heavy Support – Predator – Twin-linked Lascannons, Sponson Lascannons – 140 pts

TOTAL – 1000 pts


The tactical squad splits into two 5 man squad. The sergeant and the plasma gunner plus 3 bolters is one squad, the plasma cannon plus 4 bolters is the other. The libby joins the cannon squad, the company master joins the other squad. The company masters's squad embark on the razorback and attack the enemy along with the ravenwing bikers. The libby's squad, scouts and predator sit at the back and spread death. Libby casts divination powers into improve the shooting. Deathwing deep strike where needed (probably on the ravenwing).

Comments welcome, I am expanding on the dark vengeance kit some please don't suggest I drop those models (I can't afford to build an army from scratch) .

My CSM expansion list can be found here http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?p=2198506#post2198506

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As a note on squad choices, I would take the Razorback as a Dedicated Transport for the 10 man Tactical squad so that it too has Objective Secured. It doesn't change your ability to combat squad the guys and leave the plasma cannon behind.

The DV Captain I found to be...less than useable in games so I did a most minor conversion and bam:

Azrael (EDIT: the banner also is from the DWT box). The little mungrin guy is totally ignored in game, but I made him anyway out of the helmet and model from the Deathwing Terminator box; something I'm sure you'll one day pick up as you expand your army.

Aside from that I'm not entirely sold on the laser'd up Predator but it's not like I never use it. I find the autocannon/lascannon (or without sponsons now that I think of it) combo a bit more useful but maybe it's because I don't face a lot of AV14 and prefer a power fist or melta over long ranged support in all situations. How comfortable are you with magnets? There's a lot of tutorials online and it really isn't hard to do for Space Marine vehicles. Plus there's tons of people (myself included) on Heresy here who could help you with it :eek:k:
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