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this a game i thought would be fun

needed 2 people
pen and paper
2 armies 10 squads max 1000 points(3 troops compulsary 7 optional 2 hs 5 e 0 fast attack

step one pick a special character(necrons must take a necron lord)

set up 10 markers plus 2 d6 and assign a squad to each one and the extra 2d6 are not given squads( do not tell opponent) assign a number to each suqad

set up 1 objectives and 4 dummy objectives plus 1d6

roll an outflank movement and deploy special character

roll 2d6 and add the results to a maximum of 10 and deploy the required squad

this continues till you hold the most real objectives dummy objectives and dummy troops spawn dummy squads when trying to be captured

dummy squad 10 man strong made from casualties if not use paper
ws bs s t w i a ld sv
2 0 2 2 1 1 1 5 -

special rules
fearless- dummys dont have enough intelligence to be afraid they have the fearless universal special rule
what?- dummys must roll a d6 every turn on the roll of 2 or 3 dummys may not attack or move on the roll of 4 or 5 dummys move and attack as normal
on the roll of a 1 or 6 a dummy stops working and is removed as a casualty
feel no pain- dummys are robotic life forms and do not feel pain they have the feel no pain universal special rule
unpredictable- dummys wether created in a big meks layer or forged in a manufactorium are always in possible to predict no re-rolls may be made against dummys dummys will only be hit on a 5+ in close combat on the roll of a 6 d3 dummys are removed as a casualty

when assaulting a squad marker roll a d6 on the roll of a 6 the squad or vehicle is immediately destroyed vehicles suffer a wrecked result

any ideas to make this a viable mission?
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