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Here is the IG list I decided to build based on how many so called 'bad' or 'overcosted' units I can fit in and still have an effective army.

CCS w/2 plasma and 2 melta and astropath

Penal Legion

PCS Alraheem 2 plasma, 2 melta
Chimera (turret heavy flamer)
Infantry Squad w 1 flamer
Chimera (turret heavy flamer)
Infantry Squad w 1 flamer
Infantry Squad w 1 flamer
Special Weapons Squad 2 melta and demo charge


5 man ratling squad
5 man stormtrooper squad w/ 2 melta
5 man Ogryn in chimera w/hull heavy flamer

Fast Attack

Hellhound w/hull multimelta and smoke launcher

5 Rough Riders

The Tactics are simple try to go second put only the ratlings on the table preferably in a posistion that encourages your opponent into moving a little bit to get line of sight. Spend 2 turns with Ratlings getting shot going to ground for 2+ save. On your second turn everything comes in on a 3+; Platoon outflanks (alraheem) rolling for platoon as one unit for reserves but seperatly for outflank side (with a re-roll thanks to astropath); Penal Legion Outflanks; Stormtroopers deepstrike (with reroll to deepstrike); everything else comes in off your edge. We've all heard of alpha strike armies this is the Beta strike so far results have been good 3 games and 3 wins (against guard,eldar and sm) need more testing.
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