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I think I will write a short story for this forum. I want to write about an individual in the Imperium, that isn't a SM, IG, SB, WH, or DH. What Imperial duty would you be interested in reading about?
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To extend on my suggestion of Tech-priest you could base him around a variety of topics, for example he could be part of a expedition fleet during the crusade and stumbles upon a mysterious STC, or he finds something sinister within the ad mech possibly something to do why so many titan legions became heretics.

I'm extremely interested in the heresy and crusade so i may be biased cause i am currently thinking of writing a whole book and presenting it to the black library thats how interested i am :p

if you don't like past history and instead like more up to date stuff you could base it on the priest being part of a company of imp guard but to me it would feel more like gaunt's ghosts then.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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