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I think I will write a short story for this forum. I want to write about an individual in the Imperium, that isn't a SM, IG, SB, WH, or DH. What Imperial duty would you be interested in reading about?
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Pyromanic Tendencies said:
An Administratum clerk.... not.
I quite like this idea, personally (tho' I thought Techpriest was a great suggestion).

But no, a clerk, who stumbles on 'the truth' about something... then starts questioning the whole hideous society he (or what the hell, she) is part of.

Like 1984, but uber-gothic.

"40,084" perhaps.

Or, you know. Not. :D

Initiate said:

if you dont do a soldier, it will be hard to make it appealing to WARhammer 40k fans.


EDIT: although if you do make it interesting, it would be phenomenal.
Dunno, some of us are less into the 'war' than others. I got into this via minis, and I got into minis via RPGs, and I got into RPGs via fantasy art, and I got into fantasy art via Lord of the Rings.

Which admitedly is a big book set in a war, but it's mostly about 'little people' (double meaning entirely intended, by both me and Tolkien), rather than constant Death and Destruction.

Not that I'm saying Gizor should attempt LotR in Space; just that not everything has to be about Mighty-but-Enigmatic Hero A hacking Mighty-but-Twisted Anti-hero B's nuts off.

Not all the time, anyway :wink:

And I think you're right, it would be phenomenal.

That's alright mate, I kinda assumed you were thinking that a clerk's 'war diaries' would be pretty boring, and I think you'd be right (Tuesday: more bad news from the front; whole regiments slaughtered. But in the office, we still haven't been sent our requisition of form b/96/47-G. And the Cadian 81st think they have problems!); so I thought, what if it wasn't really about the war? And there was 1984 floating in my mind. Seemed like a pretty good parallel, the militarism, the ideological control, the brutality, the corruption... depressing, innit? I'm gonna fight for the bad guys!

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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