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I shall soon be undertaking the task of writing a series of chapters about the many trials that my Imperial Guard regiment, the Lantian 218th, go through. I thought my first post should introduce you to the regiment and give you detailed information so you can understand it as we progress through the storyline. Let me know what you think, and anything you think needs changing. Criticism welcome:


Lantian 218th Regiment

The Lantian 218th was founded on the year 219.M41. As the name suggests the regiment was formed using Imperial Guard recruits and vehicles originating from the planet of Lantia or, specifically, Lantia Primaris. Based on the Lantia Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus, this regiment was first created to form an effective means of countering the increasing numbers of Orks found in the sector. They performed their initial task well, drawing numerous victories whilst at the fore of the campaign to pure the sector of the greenskin menace. At the conclusion of the campaign the regiment, now at only half strength, expected to be disbanded and the soldiers assigned to other regiments in more dire need of reinforcements. This was not the case, however.

In 228.M41 the Lord Militant Commander ordered that the Lantian 218th receive reinforcements from their homeworld. The founding of the 219th was postponed due to the fact that soldiers meant for service in that regiment were instead assigned to reinforce the 218th. The Lord Militant's reasoning was, as far as he was concerned, sound: the 218th had performed admirably in the campaign and acquitted themselves well, and were deserving of the chance to continue the great fight. This is just one of a few examples of situations in which a regiment of the Imperial Guard is afforded special measures by a senior officer: it is common knowledge that, with thousands if not millions of regiments in active service at any one time, a single regiment is usually overlooked and very rarely cared about.

The regiment has survived to this day, consistently receiving an influx of new recruits from their home sector whenever needed. Their current disposition is a relatively solid one, the last batch of recruits sent some three years prior. Their current commanding officer – Colonel Declann Hourn – is a well known man with a healthy respect for authority and the words of his superior officers, which could be one of the reasons his regiment has been awarded use of such a power tank for their command vehicle. Currently the 218th is assigned to help defend the Proctor Sector from an invading army aligned with the nefarious powers of Chaos.

Recruitment and Training

Recruitment for the 218th Lantian regiment is similar to many other Imperial worlds throughout the Imperium and conscription depends on varying circumstances. Many of those who join the regiment do so out of a sense of honour and respect for the regiment and the Imperium it serves. Others seek to serve alongside family members or those within the regiment who have lived long enough to become heroes of sorts. Others do so because they have committed some crime, and the only other alternative is a penal colony or execution. It is no easy task to reach the rank of officer in this regiment, as those who already serve as skilled at keeping both themselves and their men alive.

The training regime for the Lantian 218th is not an easy one, and more than sixty percent of potential guardsmen drop out after only a couple of weeks of training. The reason for such a harsh regime is simple: it weeds out the weak and those who would be unable to serve efficiently on the front line. Operating much in the same way as the Death Korps of Krieg the Lantian 218th tries to maintain an extremely high rate of discipline and order in its ranks, to the extent that punishment for those who fail is usually more severe than it would be in other regiments. Despite this, however, the regiment is a 'friendly' one as far as Imperial Guard units go. They are known for being hard to break – not impossible, as many consider the Death Korps of Krieg to be – just difficult.

Battle Style

The 218th fight together as a coherent regiment, making use of their varied strengths and covering the weaknesses each company or section has. For the most part they rely on the strict discipline and sturdiness of their infantry, all of whom have been trained to fight in horrid conditions, though they are no-where near as skilled as the Valhallan Ice Warriors or the Steel Legion, for example, at fighting in conditions attributed to those regiments. The men of the 218th are trained to be skilled with their weapons and the unofficial motto of the infantry is; “If you can't do it with one shot, don't do it at all”. To this end soldiers of the regiment regularly pass up on shots they couldn't make, whereas other regiments might waste ammunition attempting.

When the enemy is dug in or brings heavy armour to face the regiment, the armour is called in. With a compliment of twenty four vehicles, ranging from chimera transports to Leman Russ Battle Tanks, the 218th is capable of bringing to bear a good deal of armoured support. Combined with the super-heavy tank that serves as the regiments' 'flagship', the 218th is more than capable of matching most enemies when it comes to armoured warfare.


The guardsmen of the 218th wear the standard flak armour. Thermal-absorbent material is applied to their armour to reduce the risk of their thermal signatures being detected. Aside from this there is no unorthodox additions made to the armour. It is a standard grey colour with

Most members of the 218th carry standard M35 M-Galaxy lasguns. There are other weapons in the regiment, however: some members carry long-las', variants of the lasgun designed for sniping. Some carry weapons such as plasma guns and flamers, and there is even an autocannon or two within the regiment itself, as well as heavy weapons teams with things such as heavy bolters and mortars. Frag and Krak grenades are also employed by the regiment and, though much rarer, there have been instances in which smoke grenades are used.

Command Echelons

Regimental Commander:
- Hourn, Colonel Declann.
Declann Hourn is the senior officer of the 218th. Having served his way through the ranks over a period of twenty seven years he is held in awe by his regiment and respected by his superior officers. His tactical knowledge is impressive, able to efficiently lead both an infantry and armoured battlegroup.

Regimental Commissar:
- Uran, Jared Commissar.
A serious and solemn man, Jared Uran serves as the commissar attached to the 218th. Having served with the regiment for five years he has become a well-known face and, despite the fact that he would willingly kill any man in the regiment for insubordination or betrayal, he has become liked by the men due to his attempts to bond with them over the years.

Company Commanders:
- Petroi, Salzen Captain.
Salzen Petroi is a complex man that few, even his commanding officer, understand completely. Though he was born on Lantia his family came from Vostroya, making him the only non-Lantian in the regiment. Though he has never spoke of his reasons for leaving Vostroya there are bad enough for other Vostroyans to look upon him with disdain. He is a skilled company commander and a more than capable marksman.

- Grean, Bentrol Captain.
Bentrol Grean is a man who knows how to balance humour and a serious disposition. He is regularly called upon to lighten the mood in an otherwise dreary situation, able to reel off jokes and humorous stories at a seconds notice. But he can put on a serious face when meeting with his regimental commander, and is well-loved by all due to the morale boosts he delivers.

- Tarwn, Ortis Captain.
Ortis Tarwn is the complete opposite to Bentrol Grean. A serious man with consistently moody features, Ortis' disposition is put down by many to the loss of his entire family during a raid on Lantia by the Archenemy, a fact made worse by the fact that Ortis would have been there to defend them had he not turned down Colonel Hourn's offer of shore leave.

- Warqi, Oni Captain.
Amongst the commanding officers of the 218th Oni Warqi is something of an enigma. He can be funny but stern, intelligent and yet make randomly stupid comments. He holds the love of his company but, being the youngest of the four company commanders, has been seen to make potentially reckless decisions in an attempt to prove his worth, often putting him at odds with Commissar Uran.

Regimental Structure

Alpha Company

Alpha Company is commanded by Captain Petroi. Comprised of some five hundred men, it is considered the 'elite' of the 218th in terms of infantry, always at the fore of assaults. Some consider it disrespectful giving such prestige to a non-Lantian, but Colonel Hourn has faith in Captain Petroi and his talents.

Beta Company

Under the command of Captain Grean, Beta Company consists of one thousand men, all of them standard infantry in both training and equipment. They are unofficially known as the 'Xeno-killers' because of their many successes against the various xenos races the 218th has come across.

Delta Company

Led by Captain Tarwn, Delta Company is a very standard company consisting of some one thousand men. Their skill comes in the form of their heavy weapons because, despite being basic infantry, they carry an assortment of weapons from plasma guns to flamers and even an autocannon.

Gamma Company

Under the leadership of Captain Warqi the Gamma Company, some one thousand soldiers, is another standard infantry company within the 218th. Though the men of Gamma Company get on well with the rest of the 218th in battle they are silent, sombre men who find no pleasure in fighting, and are often used to psych out the enemy.

Regimental Composition


- Headquarters: 25
- Alpha Company: 500
-- [5] Platoons: 100
- Beta Company: 1000
-- [10] Platoons: 100
- Delta Company: 1000
-- [10] Platoons: 100
- Gamma Company: 1000
-- [10] Platoons: 100

- Command: 5
-- [1] Stormlord, Emperor's Might
-- [1] Salamander Command Vehicle
-- [3] Chimera Transports

- Alpha Company: 6
-- [4] Leman Russ Battle Tanks
--- Fist of Steel
--- Burning Glory
--- Emperor's Might
--- Strength of Man
-- [2] Leman Russ Vanquisher
--- Iron of the Imperium
--- Castigatus

- Beta Company: 6
-- [4] Chimera Transports
-- [2] Leman Russ Battle Tanks
--- Glorious Triumph
--- Xeno-killer

- Delta Company: 6
-- [4] Chimera Transports
-- [2] Leman Russ Battle Tanks
--- Justice Bringer
--- Emperor's Blade

- Gamma Company: 6
-- [4] Chimera Transports
-- [2] Leman Russ Battle Tanks
--- Righteous Fury
--- Holy Judgement
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