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my brother plays IG and we have been using them on and off to kick ass. the problem is that they are imitation MEQ units at 16 pts each. even with AP3 hotshots, the S3 and crap range can disappoint some times no matter how you run them.

i'd say field a small team of 5-6 models and go 2x meltaguns for general purpose awesomeness. my best advice is to use them for what you're paying the high point cost for which is their mobility. yes, the obvious answer is to use them with with the airborne special ops so you can re-roll deepstrike and drop them to maybe pop a tank or get some key hits on some MEQ units. i say go behind enemy lines, especially if you ever use harker-veterans to wreak outflank havoc.

outflanking means more than likely coming in on the edge you want them to, where they move and shoot and assault if you want all right away. and get them to cover as soon as possible, they are expensive and the hot shots don't wound as much as you want them to.

they also look really cool and tend to draw fire immediately.
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