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Stormhammer Project

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After building my first baneblade,I set my sights higher and wanted the be all end all of Imperial tanks the Stormhammer
The first hurdle I had to overcome was how to cram 2 turrets on the chassis.
I basically had to chop the chassis all to hell and just use the top part.
I had to raise the back turret quite a bit and used card to redo the chassis

Here is a rough on how the turrets will fit the bottom turret is going to be fixed as I don,t want to chop my second chassis to get the turret ring.
The top will be the moveable turret

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i reckon both sets looking foward looks mean, and rather functional, because tanks dont often fire backwards. also if your moving towards the enemy you want full firepower at them, and extra 6 HB shots can make all the difference between nearly destroying a squad or obliterating it.
what he said!
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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