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Decided, after my second victory in Age of Sigmar, to start doing narrative battle reports. Basically they'll be done in first person from the POV of my General in each battle, with nods to the wider lore of my Stormhost, with more of a focus on a story narrative than describing every dice roll. Hope you enjoy.

10 x Liberators (Starshields)
10 x Judicators (Meteoric Brethren)
5 x Retributors (Knights of the Sickle Moon)
1 x Lord-Castellant (Lord Sharnok the Everfaithful)
1 x Lord-Celestant on Dracoth (Lord Artellas, the Lunar Champion)

1 x Lord
1 x Slayer
15-20 x Dwarf Warriors
10 x Thunderers
2 x Cannons w/Crew
1 x Master Engineer

Battle loomed. As the Stormhost passed further into the Realm of Metal, our goal to establish a staging area for a renewed offensive against the foul legions of the Enemy in the wake of the Allpoints campaign, we fell afoul of many foes. Terrible were the monsters we slew and great were the victories we won, but some were bitter and were not celebrated as was tradition. One that I recall most vividly was the Battle for the Nexium, when we fought those that were meant to be friends, slew those who should have been allies, and did the Dark Gods work for them on that lamented day.

I know not what caused the Nexium Dispossessed to attack us. Perhaps during my brief meeting with their Lord I offended him and sparked what the Sons of the Smith termed a "grudge", or perhaps they believed us in league with the Enemy, or perhaps a servant of the Darkness tricked them. It matters not in the end, the outcome would have always been the same. Death and loss, on both sides. May Sigmar and Grungni the Forger forgive us, for we failed them both on that day. As my Lord-Celestant commanded I was to take a small force the west of the Nexium and take control of the ridge there, it would keep the Dwarfs from filling it with their cannons and laying waste to the Host from afar, but too my regret the ridge was already defended by a small force of Dwarves led by a Throng Lord and an Engineer of the Ironweld Arsenal

The Dwarves held the high ground. The path to our victory could only be in taking the ridge and ensuring that the main host had a clear path to the Nexium. Our way was barred by a Throng of warriors and gunners, supported by a pair of cannons set up in anticipation of our arrival. Fortunately we arrived before they could deploy their full arsenal, elsewise our small force would have been destroyed. But our purpose was clear, and not even the fact that the foe we faced should have been friends would stop us from taking the objective.

The Starshields advanced as a unit, their shields interlocked as they marched towards the enemy. No strategy beyond advance and attack was in our minds, nor could another have any real merit. Our foe had the point, we had to take it. I rode behind the Liberators, my trusty Dracoth lending me the speed to keep pace and observe our foe. The Judicators of the Meteoric Brethren opened fire with their blessed Skybolt Bows, from my vantage point I personally witnessed Judicator-Prime Viun the Line-Holder fell six of the Dwarfs with a single shot from his Shockbolt Bow. We had shed the first blood, but it was far from the last. The valiant Knights of the Sickle Moon took the right flank unopposed, with Lord-Castellant Sharnok the Everfaithful lighting the way forward. With our shots taken we advance, just as the Dwarfs opened fire.

The barrage was brutal, six of my Liberator brethren fell in the opening salvo, their Sigmarite Shields were no salvation from the targeted cannon blasts of the Throng. The second volley destroyed four of the Judicators, sending them back to Azyr in a flash of lightning. Already two of my units had lost either half or nearly half of their men, while many of the Dwarfs remained unblooded. Praying to Sigmar for speed, we advanced as quickly as we could, all the while cannon fire blazing around us. Soon the Judicators had either been dispatched or were falling back to cover the wounded, there would no more ranged support for our battle. We would rely on our hammers and our righteous hatred, for now the Dwarfs had shed the blood of my kin and I would slay them as gladly as I did the Archenemy's spawn. I would soon have the chance.

Seeing us bloodied, the Dwarfs advanced in a shield wall, charging the Starshields and laying another three brothers low. The hour looked grim. Channelling my rage, I charged forward and leapt over the assembled ranks of the Dispossessed, and with a mighty swing of my hammer I felled the Slayer that awaited me behind their shields. The Dwarf died with a mighty blow that would have slain a lesser warrior, but my blessed armour passed the test and endured. The Lord of the Throng approached and attacked, our weapons clashed again and again, and both of us dealt the other mighty wounds. But my faith was rewarded as a blow from my Tempestos Hammer shattered his Gromril armour and sent his treacherous head far from his corpse. Behind me the Starshields endured the hammer of the Dwarfs and emerged victorious, the Prime felling the final Warrior with a blow from his Grandhammer. But the day was not yet done.

Another cannon shot rang out and struck my mount directly, dealing him a grievous wound. I knew that another blow like that would be the end of us. Another shot rang out and felled two more of the Starshields, leaving only the Prime remaining. I looked and saw an Engineer overseeing the cannons, he was the final target we would have to slay to earn our victory here. But a host of Thunderers lay between us, I could not reach him. But our Knights of the Sickle Moon arrived from the flank at last and lay into the Dwarven gunners, their mighty Warhammers felling men with every stroke, while their Starsoul Maces unleashed the sacred energy of the stars themselves and reduced Dwarfs to mere dust, even as cannon fire rained upon them and sent several of their number to the ground, wounded and bloodied. Knowing the Knights could handle the task they had undertaken, I charged over the corpses of the Lord and his Champion, my Dracoth unleashing a mighty stream of Azyric energy into the cannon crews. An entire crew fell, their smoking corpses unrecognizable as the valiant warriors they once were. As I reached their ranks my Dracoth lashed out, his claws shredding the Engineer into ragged chunks of flesh, leaving only the final guncrews to fall before the swings of my hammer. It had cost us, but we had taken the ridgeline.

Victory was ours!

Hope whoever found the time to read this enjoyed it. I'll try to put up another report for my first victory against the Seraphon, another enjoyable battle.


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I really enjoyed that narrative battle report. It is especially good as I have both armies, and am looking at getting both finished before lockdown is fully lifted. More of the same please :)
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