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Dazed and confused.
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Not so implausible. Think of the Wolfbrothers going totally bonkers, because they were removed from Fenris, as the Space Wolves pretty much was hard wired and gengineered for an existence there.

So I dont think it a too far leap in logic that the Emperor choose Fenris for an additional reason, due to the wild and untamed world spirit there. Creating the Canis Helix to be in symbiosis with it.

Perhaps he even shaped the Fenris 'spirit' himself? If we go by the talk of there being No wolves on fenris, and that the earliest colonists had been altered to live there, seeding the world with 'wolfblooded' humans for a distant future when the Space Wolves would come to be. A world they could call home and draw strenght from.

But it thusly begets the question. What happens to a Space Wolf that stays away from Fenris too long, before the fate of the Wolfbrothers rears itself once again?
Couple of points on this.

1. The Wolf Brothers went bonkers because of the interference of Magnus. There is no evidence, stated or hinted at that SWs can only survive on Fenris. What would be the point of having a SM legion that goes batshit when they leave home for too long? Besides, many Great Companies go on hunts that last for a century or more without going back to Fenris, and they don't flake out.

2. The canis helix and the SWs were born and bred on Terra, not Fenris, making the specific engineering of them to survive on Fenris kinda pointless. They fought on Terra, and during the early days of the Great Crusade without knowing Fenris even existed or their Primarch was alive. Remember that SMs were designed from the dregs of the primarch program after they were snatched away, using some of their genetic material to forge the legions and grant certain traits specific to each primarch. This would mean that the Emperor actually had to engineer Russ to live on Fenris rather than his legion.

3. The Emperor did not choose Fenris. If anything it was the Chaos gods. As for creating the world spirit, we don't even know if such a thing exists. It more than likely has more to do with the shamanistic nature of Fenrisian beliefs. A psyker is a psyker, whatever planet they are from.

4. We know they used that excuse to justify not adhering to the edict of Nikea, but if they derived their power from the spirit of Fenris, they should only have power whilst still on Fenris. By leaving the planet it would be like unplugging an appliance.

5. Wolf blooded humans? Even the wolves are not wolves. It evens says it in the previous codex that
Thunder wolves are genetically closer to rhinos than wolves. Why would they engineer humans to be like wolves if they are engineering wolves to be like rhinos?

6. The 13th Company have been away from Fenris for 10,000 years. Even if you factor in the time dilating effect of the eye of terror they are romping around in, it would still number in many centuries. There are still members that haven't been affected by either their exposure to the warp, or prolonged absence from Fenris.

7. Why go to this much trouble for just one legion? If it was all a massively far sighted plan by the Big Guy to shape his executioners, a world like Fenris and an unstable gene seed do not make a good combination. It's been stated that they were always one of the smaller legions, so whatever they think about themselves and what their role is, it was the UMs that were sent to censure the WBs, pretty much because of the size of the legions. It just seems like a lot of trouble to go to for one of the smaller legions.
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