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Storm Raven?

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I was flicking through the BRB, when I happened to notice a drawing on page 56. In the top left corner there is a SM flyer that is similar to, but not a thunderhawk. While the drawing depicts a CF or IF force, could that flyer be an early concep of the Storm Raven? Or am I just seeing more than is actually there?
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Yes he has, you've obviously turned to the wrong page, or aren't looking the right book.

It looks like a Thunderhawk but it's different enough that I can see where you're coming from Khorne, when the Storm Raven model eventually comes out I'll give you a pat on the back if it looks like that picture...though then again that is an old piece of art so it's unlikely to be the Storm Raven (unless they were planning the Storm Raven back in 3rd Edition).
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