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Storm Raven?

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I was flicking through the BRB, when I happened to notice a drawing on page 56. In the top left corner there is a SM flyer that is similar to, but not a thunderhawk. While the drawing depicts a CF or IF force, could that flyer be an early concep of the Storm Raven? Or am I just seeing more than is actually there?
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Take a look at the metal Thunderhawk that GW put out in the mid-late 90s. You'll see that it's basically the same as the picture.

When the Blood Angels Codex first came out there was a ton of speculation on the BA boards about what the Stormraven looked like and wether or not there were any pictures to be had. This, along with a dozen others, was considered and rather quickly discarded. All of them are Thunderhawks. Some look odd due to artistic interpretation and others due to crappy perspective skills on the part of the artist. But they are Thunderhawks.
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