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this is to be a wip of my homebrew storm raiders space marine chapter, not really doing these for gaming , tried my hand at doing some background for them and heres what i have came up with.

Name: storm raiders
Legion Number: II
Primarch: furion
Chapter Master:malfurion
Homeworld: desolace(destroyed)
Fortress-Monastery: the tempest keep
Known Descendants: none known
Main colours: halfed blue-grey armour with black shoulders
Tactical Helmet: grey
Assault Helmet: red
Devastator Helmet: green
Veteran/command Helmet: Gold
Specialty: Assault,firepower
Battle Cry: for the emperor and furion!!!
legion symbol: storm clouds with lightning bolts coming from them

as you can see i havent really got much background so far just the basics, like them being one of the unknown first founding chapters, now for some pics of wat i got sofar.

il try and get a better army shot soon

some honour guards now :D

heres the first of the hq minis, chaplain corvaeron

got a motf and chapter master malfurion painting atm more pics tomorrow possibly :D:D

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Looks like a good project so far! I like the honor guard guy with the emperor's champion(guessing) sword and the shield. Nice poses in some of those guys. Looking forward to more!
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