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Storm Bolter on a Baal Predator?

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In the blood angels codex, storm bolter isn't listed on the baal's wargear, yet the box pics and such show a guy manning one, and the set comes with the bits for it. Is it not allowed or did GW just forget to put it in there?
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I think you should re-check the options, the first option on the army list entry is "pintle mounted storm bolter"
well, I think its pretty good if matched with the HB sponsoons. My Armoured battlegroup has an exterminator with 3 HBs, the TL autocannon and a storm bolter, and absolutly SHREDS anything it comes up against. The Baal (with one HB missing, but an TL ass cannon) should fill a similar role :grin:
no he isn't, that is the pintle one, and you have to buy the storm bolter

@ Dirge Eterna: I do too, but I was short on points. With the hvy stubber, I can fire more str. 4 shots at a further distance for just 2 points extra. And people say its the crappest heavy weapon! (oh, wait, it is...)
I never use pintles in my SM army, but they most certainly are useful. I think it depends on who your playing and points limit
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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