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Storm Bolter on a Baal Predator?

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In the blood angels codex, storm bolter isn't listed on the baal's wargear, yet the box pics and such show a guy manning one, and the set comes with the bits for it. Is it not allowed or did GW just forget to put it in there?
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Galahad is correct here. A Baal predator should never have heavy flamer sponsons. Note that they have the same str and ap of heavy bolters but only work when the enemy is in charge range of your tank.

A pintle mounted storm bolter (taken in addition to the aforementioned sponsons) is quite a good idea on a baal. It gives the thing 12 shots, which is a lot of shots. For the amount it costs I'd say it's almost a no-brainer to stick pintle storm bolters on all BA and DA tanks actually.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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