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How was Apocalypse in your store?

On the day, the staff moved 6 gaming tables (4ft squared) together into one huge one. the game lasted for 4 hours.

The managers's girlfriend's mom made a mudcake with green icing in the shape of a baneblade. It was the same size as a real one.

A 12 y.o kid looks like Elijah Wood. He dressed up as Frodo. I was about to ask the manager if he was allowed to do a jig on the tables, but I had to leave early.

The new releases wall was covered in Baneblades, Line breakers and Apocalypse Books. There were so many baneblades, it was not funny.

Tell us about your Apocalypse day.

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I had a pretty good sized game on my table downstairs with me and seven of my buddies. About 15000 points a side! The game took eight hours, because we stopped to watch Lord of The Rings and order pizza.

Sounds like fun! I just ordered a Line Breaker Squadron, myself. Not very into the plastic BB. I like my Shadowsword better. Takes out big stuff faster.


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I work at GW Bromley (full time now) and Apocalypse release was absolutely mental. I went home the night before and my mum (god bless 'er) and i made an awesome Stompa cake (pictures when i get em).

On the day we had a few little games downstairs on the shop floor, running a 'challenge the stompa' game for a while. It had two lifta-droppas, and was otherwise the same as a big mek's stompa. they were allowed to bring any one choice they wanted to see if they could take any structure points off. I lost 10 after about 30 kids tried..

our gaming room upstairs was one big tank factory, about 40 people making baneblades and one guy starting on his battle company. then we had a big tank battle downstairs, a raffle, and home...

the lack of mega-games was a concious decision because we'd had two 50,000 pt games on the two weekends previously, using a 19'x9' board we set up on the floor upstairs...

beat that :D
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