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The Empire Steam Tank is a powerful weapon no doubt. I run 1 in an Empire army if I play 3k. However its now possible for you to have to face 2 at a time if the Empire player has decided to go that way.

The weakness however of the Empire list/s itself though is in the Steam Tank itself. Its the only Empire choice that is quite tough... quite able to punch through a lot of stuff. Everything else in the empire army your facing has a low toughness value or has a low Intiative or mediocre leadership.

The altar of Sigmar is the only other object that is tough and has good LD value. That means fighting the empire can be handled in several ways... the first is to shut down the steam tank as a threat. I have seen this done even with units large enough of skaven slaves. You don't need to kill it... you just need to stop it or lead its focus to something else. The great advantage is the fact you can hit it and kill it with its T10. Yes... that can be tough... but to my knowledge its not immune to KB. Thats the inherent weakness in the thing. Treat the steam tank like a 300 odd point character as a target to be taken down. I hate WOC for this reason... they can be tooled with so much so differently from player to player..... even to the point of ugh what the hell am I going to have to compensate for now.... The Empire player has really limited options. He has to outshoot you... he has to keep you away.... he has to protect his fragile yet game altering wizards using basic lores.... focus on these weaknesses in his force and the 300 odd point steam tank is a small consideration if you can tie it up or send something to stop it.

As for Lores etc.... totally respect you dont want to change lores. BUT... lore of metal is an almost must for an all comers list in 8th edition if you can get access to it. It affects so many armies from dwarves, to empire to WOC to DE to HE... its just too good not to take it comparatively when your not sure what your facing.
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