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So I have been reading the lastest Ciaphas Cain novel to catch up on the series, along with other Tau novels on my Tau reading bings on iBooks. A theme crossed my mind the other night that seems to be consistent with Tau's technology development.

So we all know that long before Bi-pedal walkers and Robotics became the backbone of the Tau they relied heavily on Kinetic and Plasma technology similar to the Imperium. Even in the modern 40k age Plasma is the weapon of choice; with Robitic weapons following suit. While the components and sources are different I find that the basic modules seem similar to the Imperium's Plasma technology. Additionally if reviewed Tau history (which I'm still in the process of doing) I find that their advanced technology didn't come round till after the arrival of the Ethereals.

Therefore the theory I put before you gentlemen today is this. Could the origional Ethereal's, and their descendants, have found an STC on Tau'vre or a nearbye planet and harnessed it's information for the Greater Good. Could the Tau have somehow gotten their hands on ancient Imperial Tech and transformed it into their own?

Your thoughts, comments folks..........
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