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Hi all. So since the last ed of Necrons I've been wanting to start an army. So here it is:

Catacomb Command Barge
Gauntlet of fire

2 x 10 warriors w/ Ghost Ark
15 Warriors
8 Immortals

3 Wraiths
3 whip coils
2 particle casters

Doomsday Ark

Doom Scythe


Total 1480

Ok so I guess I should explain: the CCB sticks at the back with the warriors and Immortals along with the Doomsday shooting. The Gauntlet is for just in case someone gets too close. The phylactery is pretty self exp, but I am tempted to take a voidblade cus I think the stat line is quite interesting.

The 2 ghost arks will go forward taking objectives. May keep them at the back for 1st turn or so just to thin the enemy ranks. Like I said the other 2 troops are just to stand back shoot and hold objectives on my table side. Also Immortals w/ tesla I reckon really cool.

I want my Wraiths to move out with the ghost arks and chew up infantry. I needed to clear up some points for other stuff so I only gave them 2 casters, but wanted them to just wreck infantry with whip coils.

The Doomsday Ark will just sit at the back and shoot. The Doom Scythe...ah come on it's a DOOM SCYTHE with a DEATH RAY. Also good for taking out other flyers.

Not sure if the ADL is entirely neccessary. Plus the 20 left over points. Not really sure what to do with that. Am tempted to take a warscythe.

Any tips welcome.


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Hard to go wrong with this codex, and I think the list and play style you describe will work fine. Remember though, play aggressively with warriors. They don't do their work for you unless they are in the enemy's face wounding a lot, or holding important objectives.
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