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Starting IG need your thought

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Hey all,
I'm starting an IG army, I read a bit of the article here. And I would like to know what are your tought about an IG army with daemonhunter units field has allies. Just to help me plan my army for the long run.

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Well, i'd say it depends on how fast you want to grow, and how often you plan to game.

Personally i'd start with a smaller pure IG force, maybe even some combat patrols. these small point games mean you can play sooner as well as building your collection. they also let you learn the game and your not faced with needing to assemble 60 guys before you can play.

Once set i'd post what you feel would make a good 400 and 750 point list. We can give you some feedback. From there you can see what you need to get so you can begen playing right away as well as starting on the models.

I do recommend the battle force as it gives you 30 troops, 3 heavy weapons and a tank. You will eventually use everything there.

Once thats done do the same for your next lists and plan out what you would like to buy. past 750 if your really wanting some demon hunters you can add them.

Conversely you could start out with a pure demon hunters army.
Then the goal would be to have 1500 points as this seams to be the size of game most common.

For the long run i'd recomending playing a few games, and posting your goal list, i've just started and have found the people here really nice(pure IG so far, only 750 points, 3 combat patrols, 3 750 point games)

Sort of a blog if you want as things go along(read backwards as most recent is at the top (http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/blog.php?u=855&blogtype=recent&page=2)

mind you this is just what i did.

I also ment to go deamon hunters but i just have no idea where to squeeze them into my list....maybe at 2500 points lol.

So far i really like guard, very tactical in my opinion as you have units faily good at one job, but not good in others so important to use them correctly.

do you have any idea what you want for your army list? if not i recommend looking at others lists...they teach you a lot.
as do many of the tacticas floating around.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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