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Starting IG need your thought

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Hey all,
I'm starting an IG army, I read a bit of the article here. And I would like to know what are your tought about an IG army with daemonhunter units field has allies. Just to help me plan my army for the long run.

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Thank you. Like I said the DH part is more for thr long run. Right now I'm aiming at a 800-1000 pts friendly games. My friends have: Tau, Tyranids, SM and there is a chance of Eldar and Chaos will join us.

So as for buying, I would start with a Cadian battle force, Cadian HQ, Cadian Officer and Cadian shock troops. just to cover my basics. Let me know is I'm missing something major for my starter.

Thank you again for your time
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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