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Starting BA

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So I am thinking about getting back into the hobby this summer with my blood angels. I have 10 asm and a box of DC one of which i converted into a Priest with a Power Sword. I am thinking about getting the starter set with the BA and nids one for the rule book and the models seem like a good deal as well. On top of that I was thinking about the starter box for BA as well since the savings are nice. That leaves me with 9 DC, 10 ASM 1 priest to Furiosos A storm raven a termi libby, 10 terminators(which i can turn into two squads of assault with 3/2 and 2/3 mix of claws and shields) and a termi captain. Now if my understanding is correct using Unbound this is technically viable? Although as I also understand not very practical. How can I turn these models into at least a semi fun list to play for not a lot of dough? Oh yeah and probably not relevant but I have some guard infantry from forever ago that can be allied in for a troops I think...
p.s. ntaw im looking at you
EDIT: Just found some of the old battle forces on ebay...would I be better off with that? I do love me some furiosos though.
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Can't go wrong with ML Devs. Scares the pants off of most MCs, light tanks, and can even add some small blasts on hordes or pick off marines in the open in a pinch.
Sometimes having some long range firepower calling your deployment zone home can be a great tactic. @ntaw (just learned that) I know you've seen my jump pack list that runs 50 assault marines, 3 ML dev squads, and some sniper scouts (using flesh tearer's as usual for the FA slots) and the dev squads have been all stars every game. Most ppl are so tied up with fast moving or DOA (from Dante) assault marines that they can't take the time to appropriately deal with the missiles, which in the mean time are blowing their army to pieces. I probably still wouldn't run TH/SS termies in a BA list normally. That furious charge bonus really doesn't do much for them. I'll keep them around for GK allies with Stern for hammerhand and the 2+ invul.
Wasn't trying to say you were wrong or anything. Just dropping my two cents as usual. I do agree that long range support can mess with the feel of the army, and sometimes I take that into account myself. I've yet to take my Imperial Fist army out for a walk. I built mine out of all the really old school models with the tubular missiles, razorbacks with actual turrets and single position tactical marines. Looks cool, just don't know how it plays.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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