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Starting BA

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So I am thinking about getting back into the hobby this summer with my blood angels. I have 10 asm and a box of DC one of which i converted into a Priest with a Power Sword. I am thinking about getting the starter set with the BA and nids one for the rule book and the models seem like a good deal as well. On top of that I was thinking about the starter box for BA as well since the savings are nice. That leaves me with 9 DC, 10 ASM 1 priest to Furiosos A storm raven a termi libby, 10 terminators(which i can turn into two squads of assault with 3/2 and 2/3 mix of claws and shields) and a termi captain. Now if my understanding is correct using Unbound this is technically viable? Although as I also understand not very practical. How can I turn these models into at least a semi fun list to play for not a lot of dough? Oh yeah and probably not relevant but I have some guard infantry from forever ago that can be allied in for a troops I think...
p.s. ntaw im looking at you
EDIT: Just found some of the old battle forces on ebay...would I be better off with that? I do love me some furiosos though.
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So I was thinking DeathStorm, but I just realized if I only want the rulebook, DC, and furioso I can pick up those parts off ebay for less. So Probably the best bet is the old battalion box right? Then maybe another furioso off ebay. Thatd give me 15 Assault Marines, 9 DC, 2 Furiosos, 10 tacticals, a rhino, and a priest with a jp. I think off ebay I can pick up most of that for $200-250 off ebay. From there where do I go? and yes my name is totally a BG reference.
I have no idea what the local meta is. I havent played a game in years, and even then it was with a buddy... The list is less about ideal competetiveness and more about my favorite models/units. I dont even have the new codex yet. Given that I was thinking something like
3-drop pods
1-tactical squad
2 assault squads
1 (9 man) DC
1 priest
Rough plan of drop the two furiosos t1 and everything else jumps/turbos up to get into their faces as fast as possible.
Edit: maybe leave the tacticals in the third drop pod, and just use the rhino to shield the jumpers
So how does something like this sound?
Priest- jp Sword
Furioso - Frag Cannon DP X2
empty pod
9 jp DC - PF 2xsword 2x axe
10 jp ASM - 2 mg PF x2
5 tacticals - Lascannon X4
Then i was thinking maybe astorath for the dc or Dante with some SG? 5 man dev squad with 4ML? Also maybe something for the third pod? @ntaw
So im looking for something around 1500 pts and I'd like to keep it battleforged or at least close. My bad on the confusion with the tacticals. I meant 4 5 man squads each with a lascannon. The ML Devastator squad was mostly a use the extra ML ill end up with unit, not too attached. One day I envision adding some Baal Preds for sure, but probably not for now.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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