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Hi all & welcome to this new army blog for my 40k sons of Perturabo,

Having not gotten too far yet, with 15 marines completed to date, I suppose this felt like a decent point to kick off the blog (and whilst I say they're finished, I can now think of half a dozen extra things to do!)

Always having liked the iron warriors I wanted to do something a bit different with this force (oh so much silver!), so my starting point was the idea that this warband is now likely several years into whichever latest siege they're conducting. So they're gonna be grimey. Very grimey, and altogether a bit grimdark. I also wanted to try my hand at a few painting effects (OSL, Verdigris & some weathering powders) as a way of differentiating the army and because, honestly, I hoped they'd look cool.

Anyway, without further ado, squad 1 (also, & quickly, apologies for the camera work, really not my forte):

With some close ups of the aspiring champion, equipped with combi-plasma and servo arm

Some other shots of squads 2 & 3:

And a bit more of a group shot

So the plan going forward is to try and crack on and finish the next squad which will be some havocs toting lascannons, bit of a WIP pic below:

After this I do have 3 Preds, a sorcerer, daemon prince and some more Havocs with autocannons built and undercoated - what might become apparent here is that whilst I can build/convert at an OK pace, I'm such a sloooooow painter,

Anyhow keeping this updated should keep me in line, right? . . . .


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Lovely work, some of them have a nice Borg look to them. My only critique would be that you didn't bore out the barrels on the weapons but that is just an aesthetic choice. Have a rep cookie
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