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I am currently starting a nurgle themed CSM army, and just bought my first models. I have yet to receive them, but they are as follows:

- 10 Chaos Space Marines
- Chaos Space Marine Rhino
- 3 Chaos Bikers
- 5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines
- 7 Plague Marines
- 5 Cultists (to be used as Plague Zombies, planning on acquiring more of these)
- Typhus

I don't plan to run a 100% competitive list with this army, it's mostly fluff, but i would love some feedback on which other units to include in this army, to give it just a slight competitive advantage, without sacrificing the fluff aspect. I plan to hit 1850 points as a maximum, but for now i am playing only smaller battles with what i got here. Thanks in advance :grin:

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Hello fellow csm player. You could make a half decent list with these models but I have one question. How are you going to play the possessed marines?, are you just going to run them up or give them wings and jump from cover to cover?.

Here is a sample list.

Csm 750 points

Hq - chaos lord (use typhus as lord for smaller games)
- terminator armour
- combi melta
- power weapon
- 174 points

Troops - plague marines
- seven marines
- 2 melta guns
- 188 points

Troops - 10 csm
- mark of nurgle
- 2 melta guns
- melta bombs
- 195 points

Elites - 5 possessed
- mark of nurgle
- 150 points

Transport - rhino
- combi bolter
- 40 points

Total 747 points

Hope it helps
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